7 Reasons To Love Oxford Exchange
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7 Reasons To Love Oxford Exchange

The establishment that just seems to have it all.

7 Reasons To Love Oxford Exchange
Smith Dalia

Oxford Exchange, located just outside downtown Tampa, has made its mark in the growing city. The quaint restaurant and shop appeals to many residents and visitors of the area providing great food, good reads and interesting finds. Oxford Exchange has just recently celebrated it's third year of success after opening its doors on September 24th, 2012. But what really makes people fall in love with Oxford Exchange and set itself among the best?

1. The Location

Just off of West Kennedy Boulevard, Oxford Exchange is right across from The University of Tampa. Many students enjoy the convenience of being able to walk right across the street to getaway from campus. Entering Oxford Exchange for students makes you feel like you are worlds away from school even though all you did was take a short walk. The fine establishment also sits itself right outside of the city of Tampa attracting tourists, businessmen and women and even Derek Jeter.

2. The Restaurant

Filled with delicious meals for breakfast, lunch and even brunch on the weekdays, Oxford Exchange offers a variety of fresh, organic and seasonal foods that are served to perfection. Infusing local and nothing but the best ingredients, the restaurant has food lovers mouths watering. Guests are not only able to indulge themselves in tasty treats, but they can enjoy the lovely decor as they sit aside the trickling fountain in the natural sunlit room.

3. The Bookstore

If you are looking for a great and unique selection of books, then you can bet on finding what you're seeking for at Oxford Exchange. Providing different genres for all ages, the bookstore has classic novels, historical reads, collections of poems and contemporary works filling its shelves. Customers find that they begin to lose themselves as they submerge into their next book of choice. The bookstore not only offers great books, but they bring in authors for readings and book signings as well. Your Oxford Exchange visit will never be complete until you travel across the atrium into the bookstore.

4. The Shop

The shop, located at the entrance off the West Kennedy Street side, will have you in awe at the collection of vintage gifts and home decor pieces. Now these items may cost a pretty penny, but you can always find that one delight that you simply must have. Varying from kitchen accessories to children's toys to handcrafted jewelry, you can't help but spend time journeying from table to table looking at all the wonders that the shop has in stock.

5. The Perfect Fix

In the heart of Oxford Exchange sits TeBella Tea Company and Buddy Brew Coffee. These two separate entities are what makes Oxford Exchange so appealing to its guests and for anyone looking to fix a craving. The organic tea options and perfectly brewed coffee allow visitors to experience savory flavors while they sit in the company of others at the tea and coffee bar. Many will come and grab a drink for the road, while others opt to sit and relax in the lounge area as they sip what tastes like heaven in a cup.

6. The Lack of Wifi

For for some, no wifi may seem like the end of the world. However, at Oxford Exchange, people do not come to be on their phones or laptops, but to engage in stimulating conversations and exchange ideas. Oxford Exchange makes it acceptable to shut the screens off for awhile and really interact with one another. For those who come for business and need the wireless connection, never fear for Oxford Exchange offers The Commerce Club. The club allows members to gather for meetings and to work in a private atmosphere located on the second floor. A conference style room is available along with spaces for more individualized occasions.

7. The Perfect Set Up

Founder Blake Casper has certainly achieved his goal in creating a small town within one singular building. His idea to bring people together and give them an escape from their hectic lives shows to be successful. Casper has generated the perfect set up; a place where guests can gather under one roof to mingle or to be be alone while discovering every personality that each component of Oxford Exchange envelopes inside its walls.

Oxford Exchange is a place you simply must venture to if you reside or visit the city of Tampa. It is nearly impossible to find a place that matches its unique style and fills such diverse needs. From a cup of tea to a thought provoking novel to a hardy conversation, you never know what you will find when you're at Oxford Exchange.

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