7 Reasons Leslie Knope Should Be The Next POTUS

Leslie has fought for the people more than any candidate combined.

1. She's strong and presidential-esque.

Yes, Leslie is single-handedly the kindest woman out there, but she is also strong and knows how to lead! The White House would look good on her.

2. She's been fighting for the people forever.

Even as only the Deputy Parks Director, she was already reaching out to congress to make change. America needs a president that will create good relations between the executive and legislative branch, so that something could actually get done!

3. She's positive about any circumstances.

America needs someone who will stir up some morale; someone who can turn any negative situation in the right direction. Besides, who would yell at Leslie Knope?

4. She will work the hardest.

If you know Leslie, you know that she has worked so hard to get things done for the people, and she will keep getting things done until she 100 years old. We need our next leader to not talk about everything they plan to do, but someone who will do something.

5. Her compliments make you want to vote for her.

You know you've always wanted an "Ann Perkins" compliment.

6. She has killer strategy.

She takes "110%" to the next level. Her plans make you want to jump out of your seat with passion, am I right?

7. Vote for Leslie, or her boyfriend will beat you up.

While we all know that Ben is basically a pacifist, we all want a president who has a great relationship with their spouse. On the "goals" list for relationships, Ben and Leslie are in the top three for sure.

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