7 Rap Songs By Women That Remind Me Who I Am
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7 Rap Songs By Women That Remind Me Who I Am

These women of color provided anthems that I never knew I needed.

7 Rap Songs By Women That Remind Me Who I Am

Though I was very sad to see Black History Month go at the end of February, my Black Woman joy was restored during the month of March for Women's History Month. If my previous music-related posts haven't made it obvious, I am a huge fan of music - especially rap music. I love listening to rap music - new and old tunes alike. Here are some songs by women rappers (women of color to be exact) that I always have enjoyed:

1. Awkwafina - NYC Bitche$

This bop made by Awkwafina - who also happens to be an alumna of my university gives a shoutout to many different parts of New York City; the city that both of us have the honor to call home.

2. Princess Nokia - Tomboy

Another NYC-bred woman who bashes gender roles and holds it down for all the tomboys out there. If only this song came out when I was constantly hearing annoying suggestions of piercing my ears and wearing more dresses and skirts.

3. Saweetie - Icy Girl

I dare you to not feel like the baddest girl in the world while listening to this song. Impossible.

4. Tierra Whack - Toe Jam

This kind of flow is not often expected from women, yet Tierra Whack proves that she's worthy of all the self-confidence boosting that she displays in her lyrics.

5. Rico Nasty - Poppin

Listen to the first line of this song's chorus. Enough said.

6. Kodie Shane - Level Up

These lyrics would make anyone want to "level up" in all aspects of life. It also has an amazing beat behind it that gives ultimate beach and vacation vibes.

7. Rhapsody - Ooowee

This song makes me want to chase my dreams and become successful even more. Her confidence is displayed effortlessly with comparisons to people like Luke Cage and the Anderson Paak feature is the icing on the cake.

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