1. You consider yourself an expert on all things history.


The Battle of Yorktown was fought in 1781 and the Election of 1800 was between Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson. The only reason you know this (besides sitting in history class) is because both of these facts were full-length rap songs in "Hamilton".

2. Because of this, high school history was the best time to show off your knowledge.


Any mention of Alexander Hamilton, the Revolutionary War, or George Washington's presidency filled you with joy and prompted a swift showing off from you to impress the class (even though no one cared).

3. When "Hamilton" was up for every award under the sun, you prayed they'd win everything.


The moment "Hamilton"'s name was announced as Best Musical at the Tony Awards, you definitely screamed.

4. You know every word to "Guns and Ships" and can rap them perfectly.

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It's the fastest song on the album, but would you be a true fan if you didn't know all the words?

5. You try and convince all of your family members, friends, and even strangers to listen to it.


You can't stop promoting this musical. "Hamilton"'s PR team should hire you for how much you tell everyone you know to listen to the album on Spotify.

6. You can't get over how well-written it is.


Every lyric has meaning and every song is so beautifully written (you're biased, obviously).

7. You have chills even thinking about getting to see it in person.


If you finally do, you know you'll cherish the memory forever.