7 People You Almost Always Sit Next to on Philly Public Transit
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7 People You Almost Always Sit Next to on Philly Public Transit

People of SEPTA are a real thing, I swear.

7 People You Almost Always Sit Next to on Philly Public Transit
Campus Philly

If you're anything like me, you have to rely on public transit to get to where you need to be, whether that's school, work, or home. Whether you're on the same route every time or you end up taking a new route, you always encounter certain people that make you want to save money and get a car.

That's right: no one enjoys taking SEPTA. You cringe whenever you even say the term.

No matter where you're going or what time of day, you will always encounter the same people when riding on public transport. It's surprising, actually, when you really think about it. So, here's the 7 people you always find yourself sitting next to when you get on the bus or train.

1.) The High Schooler

The High Schooler is typically the best person to sit next to when taking SEPTA. They normally keep to themselves, having their headphones in and scrolling through social media on their phone. I mean, the only time they bother you is when their stop is next and they need you to get out of their way. But other than that, this person will always leave you alone, which is all you could really ask for when taking SEPTA.

2.) The Mom and Child(ren)

Now, The Mom and Child(ren) never appear to be bothersome, unless they're sitting right next to you. From afar, they're cute and fun to watch; but when they're sitting next to you, it's hard to not want to strangle the child. They're either staring at you, crying, or just being down right annoying. However, if you get a well-behaved child sitting next you, enjoy it because you know the next kid won't compare to this. And if the mom has a stroller? Forget about it. Asking her to move is just such a nuisance like how could you possibly ask a mother will a baby to move on the bus when you're trying to get off. It's not your fault that they sat next to you when there are other perfectly good seats to settle down in.

3.) The Old Lady Who Won't Shut Up

I guess it's not that big of a deal when an older lady comes on the bus and sits next to you. You think this one will keep to themselves and just sit until they need to get off. But, unfortunately, this always ends the same way: she starts talking about how she had to wait for the bus and how she uses the bus all the time. Then she starts talking about where she goes when she has to take the bus, whether it's to the supermarket to pick up cat food or to the mall so she can return the blouse that doesn't quite fit right. Then you'll hear something about how back in her younger days this thing was different and it goes on until one of you needs to get off. Don't get me wrong, this may not be a bad thing to some riders; but other riders just want to sit and relax, not hear this lady's life story.

4.) The Everyday Rider

If you take the same route around the same times everyday, you begin to realize that there are other people who take this same route everyday. You may never speak one word to each other, but you both know that you are on the same bus, at the same time, very often. Sometimes you may speak a few words, such as "Going to work today?" or "How are you?" but that's as far as the conversation goes. And that is completely fine. It is also reassuring when you sit next to the Everyday Rider simply because it's a familiar face that you know will not start any trouble with you.

5.) The First Timer

You can always tell when it's a person's first time riding on SEPTA, even before they start asking questions. They take forever trying to pay their fare, they look around the bus and pick their seat slowly and carefully, and they're typically paying close attention to where the bus is going. Sometimes, they pick to sit next to you, and maybe it's because you look like you know what you're doing and where you're going. However, the questions that follow are the most annoying when you're trying to just listen to music on your ride to work or school: "Where is this stop?" and "Does this bus go to Frankford Transportation Center?" These questions could have been answered by the bus driver, but the First Timer doesn't really interact with the bus driver because they are most likely intimidated by them. It's okay, because at some point one of you leaves and you can finally be relieved.

6.) The Sleeper

Sometimes you wish you were this person, but you are often scared to be this person: the person who sleeps during the ride. Now, this person is often funny to watch when they're sitting across from you because you watch their head move up and down and back and forth. But when they're sitting next to you and their head keeps bumping your shoulder and they start leaning on you? Now that is about the time you wish you were driving in your own car. Then, you wouldn't have to deal with pushing people off of you or snoring or the head bobbing.

7.) The Druggie

Last, but certainly not least, is the most annoying rider of all public transit: the person who is most likely higher than a kite. It doesn't matter what drug they're on or how stoned they are, these will always be the most annoying people. They usually smell and their fashion choice is not very great. They stumble on the bus and take up a solid two or three seats.Then, they'll either fall over or fall asleep, or they will start mumbling to themselves and stare at people. Or, they could even cause a scene, which is probably the worst case scenario. Whether the Druggie sits next to you, behind you, across from you, or far away from you, they will always be the worst person to be on public transit with.

Even though you have weird or awful experiences with people SEPTA, the feeling you get when you're stop is approaching makes up for it all.

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