Myths Surrounding Women-Centered Colleges
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Myths Surrounding Women-Centered Colleges

If you went to a women-centered college, you've definitely heard all of these before.

Myths Surrounding Women-Centered Colleges
Dr. Don Deems

I'm sure you've heard it, the dreaded "but ... that's like ... reverse sexism" from peers and family members alike when it comes to talking about women-centered colleges. Lots of people describe such institutions as outdated, unnecessary and, if we're being honest, unwelcomed in the higher education landscape. Not surprisingly, there are plenty of myths that come along with this attitude towards these colleges and, as a recent grad of one, I'm here to dispel a few for you today.

1. No one knows how to cook or clean.

First of all, does any real college student know how to cook or clean beyond ramen and leaving a chair with a pile of clean clothes on it at their desk for two months? The answer is no. Second, of course students know how to cook and clean; most of us have seen "Breaking Bad" by now, and that show covers the basics of both.

2. Campuses are overrun by "Social Justice Warriors."

Hardly. The warriors that overrun women-centered colleges seek out not social justice and equality, but also blood and destruction. The social justice advocates are doing things like community organizing and convincing schools to adopt more inclusive policies. But these warriors are becoming a problem. We can't hold out much longer. Please send backup. We're on our last leg here.

3. All students are witches.

First of all, not everyone who attends women-centered colleges are women, so of course not everyone is a witch. The actual correct term, and no I am not making this up, is wix. Bam. Not all witches. Got you there!

4. We take classes on how to stop men.

Unfortunately for many undergrads, Patriarchy Destruction 101 is a graduate level class and cannot be taken until a student receives a bachelor's degree. Some advanced students may try to audit the class but few are met with any success.

5. Every dorm room is required to have a shrine to Susan B. Anthony.

Well first of all, you need candles in order to create a real shrine which are 100 percent not allowed on any college campus, so of course it can't be in school policy to mandate these shrines. However, if one chooses to build one, there is no reason that it has to be Susan B. Anthony. Sylvia Rivera, Bell Hooks and others often are used instead.

6. Grades are awarded on a Jane Austen novel scale.

Wrong again! All grades are actually determined on a scale following the "Little House On The Prairie" series instead. It's not uncommon to hear students lamenting over their report card full of "On The Banks of Plum Creeks" and "The Long Winters," yearning for the coveted "These Happy Golden Years" on their organic chemistry exam instead.

7. Women-centered colleges aren't worth it.

This is probably the most ridiculous myth of all. Women-centered colleges are centers of knowledge, leadership and education. I don't know why anyone thinks this one is true; there's simply no basis in fact.

Do you know of any other myths centered around women-centered colleges? Share them in the comments!

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