Winter is the best excuse to be lazy. It is cold outside, and who wants to go outside when you can stay inside with the heat? Next time you are thinking about going out and braving the cold, don't and instead curl up on the couch with a warm blanket, some hot chocolate, and watch one of these movies.

1. Safe Haven

This may be a chick flick, but it is a dang good one and everyone NEEDS to watch it at least once. It has the most adorable children, a cute love story between Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel, and it has nice suspense/mystery to it as well. I have seen this movie waaaaaay too many times, but it never gets old. Did I mention Josh Duhamel was the lead male role??

2. 50 FirstDates

Yes, another rom-com, but Amy Adams and Matthew Goode are brilliant in this movie. It is movie that begins with this one crazy idea by Adams character, but after several changes in events it becomes very interesting. This movie leaves you on your sit until the end wondering how things will turn out. I yell at the TV every time. You may even end up crying by the end...but I wouldn't know by experience or anything...

4. Happy Feet

I watched this so much with my brother and sister when we were younger. Honestly I am pretty sure I only watched it for the huskies, but I do know it is a funny movie. It is good for the whole family, when everyone just needs a good laugh. The dog are super cute, and who doesn't love a movie with dogs?

7. Literally ANY Hallmark movie

I recommend any christmas movie, but any of them will work. Yes, they are all predictable, but they are all so stinkin' cute, I just cannot handle. I will watch any Hallmark movie, but their christmas one's are the bomb. They make me want to move to the smallest town I can find so I can walk through snow, drink coffee, bake cookies, fall in love with some guy whom I get mad at for some reason, but then we fall back in love and go on with our small town christmas loving selves.