7 Items That Every Student Needs To Bring To College
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7 Essential Items That I, And Every Other College Girl, Need For College

College move in can be crazy, but make sure you remember these items, because they can probably save your life.

Dorm Room

These items make college life a little more bearable as you adjust to your new home away from home.

1. A printer

A printer is super helpful when it comes time for classes and homework. Even living in a small dorm room, you will have space for this wonderful small printer that works like a charm when it comes time to print out what you need. Most universities have computers and printers around campus but charge you to print things. Having your own printer is more efficient and allows you to print as much as you need for free, as long as you have the paper.

2. An air purifier

I know this may seem like a really useless item that may take up too much room, but I can assure you that an air purifier has changed my idea of college living.

People have lived for years and years before you in the same residence halls and dorm rooms where you are now. Even if your building is new, there are most likely going to be a few hundred people living in the same building. That many people with all their smells, good and bad, and dust and germs in those areas are a lot to handle, especially if you have asthma and bad allergies like I do. The air purifier that I use kills germs with a UV light and also filters the air in my bedroom so that I don't have allergic reactions to the allergens from the building that I am in.

3. Bathroom organization

I am lucky enough to live in an on-campus apartment building with my roommate instead of living in a residential hall. This being the case, bathroom organization was essential so my roommate and I did not get our items mixed up and so that the bathroom stayed organized and clean for the most part. One of the most important things that I have purchased was a hair tool organizer. It has three separate sections for flat irons, hair dryer, and curling irons. Another thing we bought were small baskets from Walmart that sit on top of our bathroom counter and hold our daily products. Hair products, makeup wipes and other essentials that you may need at hand. Finally, some three drawer storage carts helped with organizing the bigger things such as lotions, towers, makeup, and other things that didn't need to be sitting on the counter.

4. Basic kitchen items

Living in an apartment, we also have a full kitchen, but even if you are living in a basic dorm room, kitchen items can be of importance to you. Things like plastic cups, paper plates, and plastic silverware are always important, because who wants to keep buying water bottles when there is a bottle re-filler right across the hall and you can drink out of a cup? Napkins or paper towels and tissues are handy to have around as well.

5. My Fitbit/Smart Watch

I wear my Fitbit tracker every day and almost forgot it when I was packing for college. Not only does it count my steps and rewards me on how much I have walked in a day, it fully functions as a timer to time between classes and a clock so that there is no reason to pull out your phone during a lecture just to see what time it is.

6. Mattress topper

I am not one to complain when it comes to sleeping arrangements. I can sleep anywhere at any time as long as it isn't too hot. College mattresses are nice, but they definitely are not your Tempurpedic Cooling Memory Foam. In addition to that, mattresses also tend to be hard and if you can't sleep on a hard mattress, this one is definitely for you. Some mattress toppers come rolled up and all you have to do is unroll it onto your bed and put your sheets over it. Others have straps that secure it to the bed that prevent it from sliding off if you're a wiggle worm sleeper.

7. Sunglasses

This item sounds completely basic and it really is common sense to bring these with you to college. Most college students walk to most, if not all, of their classes during the day. In Texas, when it is 103 degrees outside and the sun is shining into the depths of your soul, sunglasses save the day, and your eyes, from being exposed to too much sunlight, causing your eyes to be blurry and tired by the time you get to class.

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