7 Binge-Worthy Movie Series For The Summer
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7 Binge-Worthy Movie Series For The Summer

I am already half way through...

7 Binge-Worthy Movie Series For The Summer
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I have been wasting away the last week sitting on the couch staring at a screen and eating the fridge and cabinets in my house dry. Do I have regrets? Yes, but not about this. After a long school year of tireless hours of studying, I finally have time to relax.

Usually, summers start off glamorous; you maybe start off with a trip or have the idea that you are going to do something new every day (even though you have lived in the same town your entire life and there hasn't been anything new your whole life). You sleep in later than expected and the couch looks far more appealing than making yourself presentable to go out into the world; this is the time where I break out my binge movies.

There are certain series that I can watch on repeat and never get bored. I know them all by heart and I am not afraid to recite them if you test me. For the days you never want to leave your couch, I assure you these movies will fill the hours with enjoyment.

1. Die Hard franchise

It's always a good day to die hard.

2. Scary Movie franchise

Every time I watch these movies my IQ drops exponentially, but I also can't help but laugh at how ridiculous they are. I will watch these movies forever!

3. Mission Impossible franchise

Even though the first movie is so different it almost feels like it isn't part of the same franchise, they are a set. I grew up watching these movies and I honestly probably will die watching these movies.

4. Indiana Jones Franchise

Indiana Jones only got better as the movies came out, even the latest one in 2008 was amazing. The first movie came out almost forty years ago, but it is utterly timeless.

5. Harry Potter franchise

I think many people can relate to me on the topic of Harry Potter. The books were my life growing up, and the movies have their own special place in my heart. Any day of the week I could binge these movies without hesitation.

6. Bourne franchise

I just love watching these movies because they make me want to take martial arts or something. Jason Bourne is a BADA$$.

7. Marvel Cinematic Universe

With the recent release of Avengers: Infinity War I am in a kind of Marvel frenzy. There are now 19 MCU movies not including the previous Spider-man movies and Deadpool, so I think that is a full day of binge-worthy movies.

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