The best breakfast spots in Southwest Florida. I try to write what I'm passionate about and this week I am getting down to the basics and writing about what makes my heart happy — food. More specifically, breakfast!

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is arguably the best meal of the day as well. Next time you wake up hungry (I'll be honest, I wake up hungry every day) skip the normal IHOP chain and try one of my favorite breakfast spots in SWFL. Your stomach will thank you later.

1. Marti's

Don't be afraid if you walk in the door and you're the only person under the age of 75 in the building. I promise the food is worth it, inexpensive, and the old people are super sweet and will all want to talk to you. If you're lucky Marti might even stop by your table to visit. Pro tip: I recommend the homemade biscuits.

2. Sunflower Cafe

Now if the line is too long at Marti's you can continue down San Carlos Blvd. towards Fort Myers Beach and try Sunflower Cafe. You'll feel like you went back in time by 20 years but don't worry, the food comes out faster than a speeding ticket.

3. Munch Box

So you woke up on Fort Myers Beach and don't want to spend $50 on breakfast at your snobby hotel. Munch Box is the answer, plus I just really like the name.

4. Bonita Brunch


5. Over Easy Cafe

A colorful, rooster decorated breakfast joint on Sanibel Island that has every breakfast item you could possibly imagine.

6. McGregor Cafe

A fun, outdoor atmosphere that is open breakfast lunch and dinner.

7. Bennetts

Can you say doughnuts? No, I didn't say Dunkin Donuts. Freshly roasted coffee and homemade specialty doughnuts are more like it.

Maybe next week I'll write about the best gyms in SWFL so you can shred your breakfast weight.