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6 Things Wrong With 'The Office' That You Ignore Because It Is Just That Good

What even is Meredith's real job?

michael scott

The Office: An American Workplace. This show gave a new meaning to paper supply company sitcoms by throwing in romance, comedy, and beets. Everything about this series is amazing and one can find something new and exciting about it every time they watch it over again. If you are one to read into things, this show also has the depth of characters and emotional storylines with a great deal of hilarity to dampen any dark moment.

With the uncanny ability the producers and writers have to intertwine current and ever problems it' shard to imagine anything wrong with this series...but timeline errors and actor never reappering with their characters later on in the series.

1. Meredith's real job

Meredith Palmer

This raunchy red-hed is sure to make any office or audience member uncomfortable with her off the wall sexual retorts or plain disgusting comments, but in the office, what is her job?

According to Season 1 Episode 4, The Alliance,Meredith Palmer is described as an accountant in a birthday card. "Meredith, I heard you're turning 46, but, come on, you're an accountant. Just fudge the numbers."


As the series progresses, Meredith's job title changes from accountant to supplier relations. Her job title is further exploited when she fesses up to sleeping with a paper supplier for discounted paper and steak coupons.

2. Pam's Mom?

In Season 2 Episode 2, Sexual Harassment, Pam is eager for lunch with her mother, Helene played by Shannon Cochran. After a lengthy sexual harassment seminar she gets away to have a leisurely meal with her mom. that her mom?

Four seasons later, Michael Scott meets Helene at Pam's wedding, only this Helene is not the same actress as Season 2 Helene. In Season 6 Episode 4, Helene's character is played by Linda

3. Andy's Parents

The same mistake of Pam's mom was made with Andy Bernards Parents

When Andy proposes to Angela in Season 4 Episode 18/19 his parents make an uncredited cameo in the background. However, Ellen and Andrew Bernard in Goodbye Toby are not the same people who appear in the later episodes featuring the wealthy Bernards like in Season 8 Episode 4, Garden Party who are played by Dee Wallace and Stephen Collins.

4. David Wallace has a daughter?

Michael Scott-It's Not Sweetie

During Season 3 Episode 18, Cocktails, we are introduced to David Wallace's son, Teddy. Dwight sneaks into his room during the party to get more details on the house's construction. Teddy makes a few more appearances in the series but someone who doesn't appear is David Wallaces daughter.

In Season 6 Episode 13, Secret Santa, Dunder Mifflin is going out of business, a fact Michael prematurely shares with his officemates. When Jim tries to get answers from David Wallace, Wallace doesn't pick up. Michael says he always has a way to get through. "He told me where his kids go to school. I call the school, I tell them I'm a pediatrician. They patch me through to his secretary. I use my little girl voice. Badda bing, badda boom." The only problem is Wallace isn't ever mentioned to have a daughter.


5. Toby's Daughter and Girl Scout Cookies

During Stress Relief pt.1/2, Dwight makes rounds trying to get people to sign his "Statement of Regret" for putting the office in danger. When he approaches Toby, the hated HR rep replies, "You wanna order some Girl Scout cookies from my daughter?"

Now this would be fine if not for 3 seasons later, Toby walks into Andy's office and says, "Knock, knock. Hey, Sasha's first year in the troops, so I'm selling cookies for her. Anyway, would you like some?" The thing is, it ISN"T Sasha, Toby's daughter's, first year in the troop, it would actually be more around her 4th or 5th assuming in Stress Relief it was her first year.

Carol Proposal Date

Michael brings his girlfriend (and real life wife) Carol Stills,Nancy Walls, to celebrate Diwali with the entire office in Season 3 Episode 6, Diwali. During this celebration, Michael meets a couple who met the night of their wedding and have been together for thirty years which prompts Michael to propose to Carol. After being rejected, Carol leaves reasoning how this was only their ninth date and the rest of the evening is more awkward, but not as awkward as photoshopping your face on an ex husband.

Well, after Michael 'gifts' the photo of him on their ski trip. Carol calls it quits and that is the end of their relationship. 6 seasons later Michael gets a cold sore that he thinks is a STD so he begins calling up all his former lovers. When he calls Holly, he gets concerned that he takes relationships too seriously too quickly and makes them more than they are out to be. When Michael makes his way to Carol on his list, Carol agrees that he makes a big deal out of relationships and recounts that he proposed on their 4th date. This could be true, maybe Michael proposed before Diwali but her reaction in Season 3 seems like it was genuinely the first time he proposed.

Every show is going to have it's subtle errors and with a following as large as The Office, there will be people to scrutinize any hole in the show's logic. But there is no disputing the fact that this show is a widespread craze capturing senior yearbook quotes everywhere and globalizing "That's What She Said."

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