65 Autumn-Inspired Makeup Products For Looks To Fall In Love With

65 Autumn-Inspired Makeup Products For Looks To Fall In Love With

You'll FALL in love with these products!

Nowadays, there are so many makeup products coming out left and right, it's hard to tell which ones to buy that are actually good quality. In the makeup world, and maybe just in general, fall is everyone's favorite season. Beauty gurus love the dark lips and smokey eyes. During the fall, I've noticed that there are so many fall-inspired makeup products that come out from all different brands, and it can be overwhelming.

What I've gathered are makeup products from different brands to help you find a product or two to help you get inspired, and achieve your perfect fall makeup look. I have also looked at the reviews for each product, if they had any, to make sure they had good ratings so I didn't recommend something that isn't good.

Code words:

UML = Ultra Matte Lip.

LL = Liquid Lipstick.

LG = Lip Gloss.

SML = Satin Matte Lipstick.

EG = Eye Gloss.

SS = Serum Shadow.

SM = Soft Matte.

CL = Classic Lipstick.

SL = Satin Lipstick.

GE = Glitter Eyeliner.

LEL = Liquid Eye Liner.

LCS = Liquid Color Stick.

LES = Liquid Eye Shadow.

LLS = Liquid Lipstick Set.


1. 'Yes Please.'

2. 'I Think I Love You.'

3. 'She.'

4. 'What Went Down.'

5. 'Zingara.'

6. 'Arriba!' UML.

7. 'Mamacita' UML.

8. 'Circles' UML.

8. 'Are N Be' UML.

9. 'Saigon' UML.

10. 'Saturday' UML.

11. 'Mugshot' lip gloss.

12. '3-Way' lip gloss.

13. 'Stain' lip gloss.

14. 'Stay Golden' eyeshadow.

15. 'Facet' eyeshadow.

16. 'Paper Crane' eyeshadow.

17. 'Team Captain' eyeshadow.

18. 'Roundhouse' eyeshadow.

19. 'Note to Self' eyeshadow.

20. 'Criss Cross' eyeshadow.

21. 'I Owe You' eyeshadow.

22. 'Pinky Promise' eyeshadow.

23. 'Going Steady' eyeshadow.


24. '3502 - Second Nature.'

25. '35OM - 35 Color Matte Nature Glow' (also available in Shimmer).

26. 35R - 'Ready, Set, Gold!'

27. '35F - Fall Into Frost.'

28. '35T - 35 Color Taupe.'

29. 'Bronzed Mocha & Copper bundle.'

30. '35P - 35 Color Plum.'

31. 'Celebrity Affair.'

32. 'Designer Everything.'

33. 'Wine Me.'

34. 'Morphe' LL.

35. 'Bloodshot' LL.

36. 'Peanut' LL.

37. 'Jealousy' LL.


38. They're Real! Double the lip lipstick & liner in one 'Very Berry.'


39. 'Sarafine' LL.

40. 'Socialite' LG.

41. 'Venom' LG.

42. 'Fall' mini set.

43. 'Prism.'

44. 'Wine.'

45. 'Liquid Gold' Metallic Luster Liner.


46. 'Hustler.'


47. 'Charmed' SML.

48. 'Bronzed' EG.

49. 'Maplewood' SS.


50. 'Mauvejestic' SM.


51. 'Sleepless' LL.

52. 'Campfire' LL.

53. 'Plum Queen' LL.

54. 'Heartless' CL.

55. 'Lava Cake' SL.


56. 'Scandalust.'

57. 'Glambition.'

58. 'Forbidden Fruit' LL.

59. 'Pop' LCS.


60. 'Moss (Forest Green)' LEL.

61. 'Smokey Storm' LES.

62. 'Gold Goddess' LES.

63. 'Mind.'

64. 'Warm & Fuzzy' LLS.


65. 'Toasted' eyeshadow palette.

Cover Image Credit: lottiehayy / Pinterest

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The Top 10 Dumbest Trends We Need To Leave Behind In 2017

What happened in 2017 needs to stay in 2017.

With every new year comes new trends. 2017 was quite a year with some pretty useless trends.

This week, I was stuck on what to write about. So my friend suggested writing about some of the dumbest trends of the past year.

Looking back at 2017, there were so many trends. With new trends being born daily, a handful is quite... how do I say this nicely... stupid.

There are those few trends that no one even knows why they're trends; they just are. Most of them are fashion-related, and some are just general trends that are dumb.

I didn't create this post to offend anyone. I asked a few friends what they thought were the dumbest trends of last year, and this is what I got. So, without further adieu, here are the top 10 dumbest trends of 2017!

1. Weird eyebrows

I'm sorry, why were weird, squiggly, feathered, and braided eyebrows ever a thing? I sometimes wonder how people come up with these dumb "trends".

2. Bottle flipping

Aren't there any other ways we can entertain ourselves?

3. Overly distressed jeans

I love distressed jeans just as much as the next girl, but some people overdo it. It gets to a point where enough is enough and you're showing so much leg that you might as well be wearing shorts.

4. Fidget spinners

They started off being made to help kids with ADHD, but soon everyone had a fidget spinner and the "trend" got annoying. I'm all for helping kids that need help with keeping still, but not everyone needs one everywhere.

5. Dabbing

This was always annoying, to be honest. If you consider this an actual dance move, what are you doing?

6. Overdrawn lips

I'm sorry, but not even Kylie herself looks good with overdrawn lips.

7. This haircut

Do I even need to say anything?

8. Pink pom poms on everything

But how do you wash this without ruining it, though?

9. Super plump lips

This was such a dangerous challenge and it didn't even wind up looking good. Thank God that trend is over.

10. Corset belts

First of all, why was this a trend? Secondly, OUCH...

Overall, 2017 had some pretty weird trends, but it also had some pretty good ones. This list just doesn't include the good ones.

Again, I'm not trying to offend anyone but I feel like a lot of people can agree with a lot of the things on this list.

Thank you 2017 for the weird trends, and welcome to 2018's even weirder trends!

Cover Image Credit: pixel.com

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What To Wear To Your Favorite Festivals This Season

Best festival looks to rock this season.

Coachella, EDC, Burning Man, oh my!

Another new year means another round of festivals and concerts. If you’re a festie person like me, you’re already saving money and intricately planning what festivals to go to and who to see. Some of you may just be dressing in whatever is comfortable and can fit in a carry-on duffel, but I know for sure that there are the few who plan their outfit for each day to the smallest details — you’re my people.

As if enjoying the sun, friends, and music isn’t enough, my favorite part of any festival is the outfits. These are places where you can wear whatever you want however you want without judgment. You could be the furriest, most colorfully dressed person in the crowd, or you can summon demons in all black with a pentagon on your chest, plus everything in between (or nothing at all).

After going to a few festivals and shows, you start to spot trends that show-goers seem to gravitate towards.

So, for you first-time festies, here are some ideas on how to dress-to-impress this festival season:

1. The T-shirt outfit

This is probably one of my favorite out of all the outfit concoctions. Mainly because you can be cute and comfy at the same time. All you really need is a T-shirt that fits the theme of whatever show/concert you may be at.

When I go to raves, I usually use bright colors or something with contrast. That way when you’re dancing, the colored lights pop off your outfit and make you look that much better when you’re dancing. To complete the look, I like to add fishnets or leg wraps underneath. My favorite tight-trend right now are the fishnets and hosiery with little gems on them! To further this combo you could add bandanas, Kandi (the bracelets/necklaces commonly seen at raves) or glitter.

Never forget the glitter.

2. The two-piecer

I like this outfit due to its simplicity and the availability to wear it over and over again. They’re also really easy to find since two-pieces are still trending. There are also so many to choose from, it’s easy to find an outfit to match the vibes of whatever destination you go to.

Accessorize this piece like any other with body chains, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. I’ve also found that flash tattoos work really well with this look! They draw attention to you and your outfit which is sure to turn heads in the crowd

3. The flow

If I wasn’t so short, this may be my favorite look. Anything flowy usually doesn’t fit me because it's so long, but to all of you 5’7” and up ladies out there, this look is definitely for you.

Bell sleeved shirts are very in right now in the festival apparel world. The flowing, sparkling materials they use make you look flawless and elegant when you’re running around the fairgrounds. I’m also OBSESSED with these new wraparound maxi skirts they are coming out with! These are cool because the fabric is usually slit into three or four pieces that are attached to the belt. The slits help with movement and, of course, the flow of the fabric.

4. The body hottie

Bodysuits are deemed a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it saves the time of tucking shirts into bottoms, and they also make you look great. And a curse because when you need to pee, you basically have to strip down naked in a public restroom and get yourself all redressed. Even though that’s so, they’re still one of the simplest, easiest festival outfits you can wear.

Once you’ve found your bodysuit, you’re basically set! Most of the time, no pants are needed and, honestly, no pants are the best pants. What really makes the outfit is how you accessorize it. This can be done with any hosiery or leg wraps, flash tattoos, Kandi, gloves, face jewels, anything really!

But one of my new favorite accessories is the hood. They now have all of these really awesome hoods that you can buy at sites like iheartraves.com, dollskill.com, and blackdiamond.com, that have cool patterns and colors on them. These are great for shielding out the sun or protecting your hair from the inevitable rat’s nest that will appear on top of your head in the morning.

Hopefully, whatever festival you’re going to will be amazing, and I hope that you also get 101 pictures of your outfits and favorite DJs.

Enjoy safely, little festies!

Cover Image Credit: Kylie Homes

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