60 Ways to Improve Your Cultural Awareness
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60 Ways to Improve Your Cultural Awareness

Some ideas on how to increase cultural awareness.

60 Ways to Improve Your Cultural Awareness

Culture can be defined as the beliefs and customs of a society or group. It includes their arts, their lifestyles, the food they eat and any religious practices they perform. As the summer draws closer you may be looking for some ideas on how to spend your time and if you want to increase your cultural awareness at the same time, here's some ideas on what to do.

1. Visit an art exhibit or a museum dedicated to other cultures

2. Learn about another religion

3. Plan an international movie night

4. Listen to a music from a different culture

5. Play a sport related to a culture different from your own (Karate, Criquet, Pétanque…)

6. Invite a friend over and cook traditional food

7. Learn about traditional celebrations from other cultures

8. Volunteer with an organization working for diversity and inclusion

9. Learn another language 10. Study abroad

11. Learn the history of different forms of dance – and even how to perform them!

12. Take an anthropology class

13. Tutor minority kids

14. Host an abroad student

15. Take courses in Black History, Chicano/Chicana Studies, Women's Studies, Asian-American Studies, and Native American Studies.

16. Study the world’s religions

17. Attend events put on by cultural clubs – such as Chinese Culture Club or V.I.V.A.

18. Volunteer with Refugees

19. Become pen-pals with someone in another country

20. Travel

21. Learn about wedding customs around the world

22. Learn about other culture’s sporting events

23. Read alternative press sources.

24. Cook and try foods of another cultural group

25. Start a book club that reads books from around the world

26. Learn about racism, hate crimes, poverty

27. Celebrate World holidays

28. Read up on the traditions of another cultural group

29. Research your own cultural background

30. Learn to appreciate people’s differences

31. Make cross-cultural friendships

32. Make a playlist on spotify of other culture’s music

33. Study the meaning of white privilege

34. Listen before you judge

35. Discuss differences with people – do your best to listen

36. Have a cross-cultural movie night

37. Celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (March 21st) and other holidays that promote a better future

38. Challenge Stereotypes

39. Create a world map and pin everywhere you – or a group of friends – have been.

40. Learn other countries flags

41. Attend cultural panel discussions

42. Attend speeches by cultural speakers.

43. Expand your definition of diversity

44. Learn about education in other countries

45. Celebrate history and heritage months

46. Receive Safe Zone training

47. Learn ways to say hello in other languages; Hola [OH-La] (Spanish), Marhaba [MAR-hah-bah] (Arabic), Ni-hao [NEE-how] (Mandarin Chinese)

48. Have a global potluck

49. Visit ethnic restaurants

50. Read or listen to cultural stories

51. Read immigrants stories

52. Donate to those in need

53. Celebrate International Literacy Day (September 8th)

54. Promote Religious understanding

55. Research cultural dress from around the world

56. Learn proverbs from around the world

57. Learn Sign Language

58. Read the newspaper or other sources of media

59. Research and attend LGBTQIA+ events

60. Celebrate Diversity

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