There is always a time when our favorite television shows come to an end. I know in the past year or so, there have been so many shows that I loved have ended, and it put me into mood where I only want to rewatch my favorite episodes of those series. If there's anyone that gets obssessed over TV shows, it's me. It takes something attention-grabbing to get me into a show, but once that happens, I'm hooked. Here are six TV shows that will get you out of your end-of-series slump.

1. Backstage

"Backstage" is something I didn't really expect to like. Even though it seems like it is mostly for younger audiences (being on the Disney Channel), I really enjoy it. A performing arts high school focusing on dance, art and music can bring along drama and romance in this sweet-but-sour series. Being easily relatable with modern high school events and drama, this show will not fail to amaze you. Not to mention that the actors sing and dance really well, even in their teens!

2. The Shannara Chronicles

This show is for someone who just came from a fantasy TV show slump. "The Shannara Chronicles" came back with its second season this October after a year-long break. Based off the book series, this show follows Wil, an ordinary human in a world with elves, dwarves, druids and more, who steps up alongside an elf to save the Four Lands. Will they survive on their own, or will they have to recruit some help on the way?

3. Riverdale

Most people have probably already heard of this show since it's all the rage now. The CW just can't stop coming up with the best television shows that get an audience thinking and impatiently awaiting the next episode. In a small town where everyone knows everyone, it won't be hard to find the murder of one of the town's most cherished high school students, right? We have the athlete, the prep, the outcast and the writer who won't stop until the killer in "Riverdale" is found.

4. Shadowhunters

To be honest, this show isn't for everyone, especially the people that read "The Mortal Instruments" book series and are very critical about book-to-TV adaptions. I've got to say, though, this one is a keeper. Clary Fray, a young woman who thinks she has her entire life figured out, is ready to take on the world, but when she finds out that who she thought she was is a lie, her world gets turned upside-down. With a third season on the way, "Shadowhunters" will make you cry one minute and shiver in fear during the next.

5. Stranger Things

Take this advice from someone who loves thrillers and mystery: "Stranger Things" will take you on a journey like none other. Imagine an '80s setting as we follow a set of nerdy middle schoolers whose friend goes missing due to an unknown supernatural force. When they meet someone they think can help them, they jump at the opportunity.

6. 13 Reasons Why

Although this show may come with some controversy, it is still definitely worth your time. "13 Reasons Why" will take you an emotional rollercoaster as you follow Clay Jensen while he listens to recorded tapes by Hannah Baker, a classmate who took her own life. Throughout the show, you follow Hannah's life as she experiences high school and what led her to make the decision to end her life. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.