7 Things We Can Expect Out Of Kanye West's Presidency
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7 Things We Can Expect Out Of Kanye West's Presidency

Kanye & Kim Take The White House

7 Things We Can Expect Out Of Kanye West's Presidency

When Kanye got on stage on Sunday, August 30 to accept a gold version of Jeremy Scott’s redesigned Video Music Trophy, the Moonman, no one really knew what to expect. Many expected that he would apologize to Taylor Swift for their encounter at the 2009 VMAs. Others thought he would take the time to discuss his growing family with pregnant wife, Kim Kardashian-West. Of course, there was bound to be some hardcore ranting, but no one expected Yeezy to announce his candidacy for President of the United States by stating “and yes, as you probably could have guessed by this moment, I have decided in 2020 to run for president.” Serious or not, here is what we could look forward to from President West.

1. First Lady Kim Kardashian.

Who knew that the First Lady would have so many Instagram followers? And her own reality TV show? And, of course, the First Lady always has a cause she stands up for. For example, Michelle Obama speaks out to eradicate childhood obesity. I wonder what we could expect from Mrs. Kardashian-West.

2. Fresh juice.

Kanye brought up an important point during his acceptance speech—the value of freshly squeezed juice. In fact, a great way to obtain nutrients is through the intake of raw fruits and vegetables. How could we ever forget that cooking these foods makes them lose precious nutrients? Thank you, Kanye, for taking this large platform to remind us to eat our fruits and vegetables.

3. People with ideas.

Mr. West spent the rear end of his speech explaining that all of this is about art and ideas. Nothing else matters besides ideas and truth. This country can look forward to moving ahead with innovation and creativity under the control of President West.

4. Legalization of marijuana.

Kanye stated during his acceptance speech that he "rolled up a little something to take the edge off.” Can we see Kanye decriminalizing marijuana during his presidency? We’ll only have to wait five years to find out!

5. A very interesting State of the Union.

As many of you know, the State of the Union address is a speech given by the president once a year to a joint session of Congress. While typically this is a time for the President to address his or her legislative priorities, I feel as though Kanye would have an interesting twist on this, as he does with everything. Because an award acceptance speech is anything but typical with Kanye West, I have no idea what we could expect from a State of the Union.

6. National Outfit = T-Shirt + Sweatpants.

If this man has taught me anything, it’s that a t-shirt and pair of joggers are acceptable at any time and in any place. This dude accepted a coveted VMA award in an all-grey outfit—literally propelling “groufits” to an all new height. Sorry if you catch me at my next formal rocking a comfy pair of sweatpants. Yeezy told me it was okay.

7. Power to the youth.

In-between his ranting, Kanye actually spewed some knowledge. Kids today are well equipped and ready to take on the future. Every day I meet someone who wants to do something to change the world—become a law maker, leave a positive impact on the environment, promote equality, and so much more. If the future leader of our nation believes in the youth, so should the rest of this country.

Whether he was teasing us or not with his possible presidential bid, Kanye certainly can captivate a nation. So become civilly engaged and register to vote so you can vote West 2020—make America great again.

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