6 Things Every Vegetarian Hates Hearing
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11 Things Every Vegetarian In The Veggie Squad Always Hears, As Told By 'Grey's Anatomy'

My fellow vegetarians of the world, the struggle is oh so very real.

Twitter - Grey's Anatomy

If you're vegetarian, there are some things that you've probably heard. Multiple times. Often unsolicited or unasked for. The struggle of being vegetarian is so very real, and who better to put it into GIF form than the very unreal show, "Grey's Anatomy?"

1. Do you drink milk?

Is milk.... meat? That should answer the question.

2. I don't know how you do it. I could never be vegetarian.

That's funny. Good for you, man. I never how how to respond to this... Congrats?

3. Would you eat meat for a million dollars?

Tell you what: I'll eat some chicken, take your million dollars, and donate them to an animal shelter. There's my answer. Happy?

4. If you were on a deserted island, and you had to eat meat to survive, would you do it?

Again with the hypotheticals. Why is everybody so obsessed with deserted islands?

5. How do you live without chicken? Without steak? Without bacon?

Same as you my friend, just with less cholesterol. And more tofu.

6. Do you mind if I eat this in front of you?

It's sweet that you care, but it doesn't matter to me. I'm not going to combust at the sight of a chicken cutlet. I've seen them before (shocking, I know).

7. Do you miss it?

Let's get deep for a second. You can miss something without needing it in your life. Or, the less deep answer: sometimes, but never enough to go back.

8. Do you like, just eat fruits and vegetables?

There's pizza! And cake! And chocolate! And so much more! I promise being vegetarian is a lot more colorful than you think.

9. Do you eat fish?

Fish are animals. You're thinking about pescatarians.

10. I'm basically a vegetarian. I haven't eaten meat all week.

Listen, dude, I'm happy for you, but not the same thing. This, my friend, is a lifestyle.

11. There's meat on the food? Just pick it out.

Just pick it off? What a lovely solution. On second thought, I'll just drink my water.

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