Well, that time has come. Summer disappeared in a flash and the new semester is creeping up on you. How did that happen? You may be dreading the end of summer. You may be rejoicing. Returning to college can be stressful and exciting. But take advantage of these final two weeks and stop wasting your time.

Start shopping & packing

Begin making a mental packing list. Yes, you've packed for school before and probably have all of your dorm stuff stored away somewhere. But this year, you know what you do and don't need. Also, if you have a different housing situation, you may need different things for your dorm/apartment. Start setting aside things you'll need and eliminating what you don't.

Buy your textbooks

You've probably learned that waiting until last-minute to order books doesn't always work out. If you know a textbook is required for a class, make sure you have it before classes start. You don't want to be that person that falls behind immediately because your professor assigns a reading on the first day and you're waiting for that Amazon Prime shipment.

Pay your bill

It's easier said than done, but most colleges want you to pay up before the new semester starts. If you're waiting on financial aid, need to send money from a savings account, or pay upfront, get on that now. Those things often take time, and you have a deadline to hit.

Talk to your rommate

Whether you know them well or not, planning your living space and figuring out move-in times is really important. You don't want to be surprised when you arrive at your new place and your roommate has already taken it over. Especially now that you have the advantage of knowing what dorm life is really like.

Finish that summer to-do list

Make that doctor's appointment. See that friend from high school you still haven't met up with yet. Clean your room for when you return. Try that restaurant you've been threatening to go to all summer. Whatever it is, take care of business and check things off that summer bucket list.

Enjoy your little time at home... and prepare to say goodbye

You're probably excited to go back to school, but you'll probably miss home too. Say goodbye to your friends, family, pets, anyone and anything you know you missed when you were at school. You may even miss having your own room and home-cooked meals. Whatever it is, embrace home life for these last few weeks.