6 Things That May Change When You Go To College, And It's OK
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6 Things That May Change When You Go To College, And It's OK

Don't be afraid of a little change!

6 Things That May Change When You Go To College, And It's OK

Before I begin, I want to make it clear that this article is on the lighter end of the spectrum as far as change is concerned.

Of course, we could talk about a lot of things that could change once you go to college, but in light of avoiding political drama and unnecessary voiced opinions, here are just several things that may change when you head off to college. Don't misunderstand. Change isn't always a bad thing.

Just remember a few things: always be kind, always stand up for what you believe in, and don’t be afraid of a little bit of change.

1. Wardrobe

I am not sure if this is applicable to everyone, but I can remember I tried a lot harder on my appearance in high school than I did in college. In high school you are so worried about not looking your very best (at least I was) and this may change a bit in college. Okay, let me be frank. You might go from waking up a half hour earlier to curl your lashes and hair to wearing the famous oversized t-shirt to class at least more than once because laundry is a luxury in college. Again, college can change you.

2. Music

Your taste in music may change considering what everyone else is listening to or just from being exposed to others with different tastes in music. Nevertheless your walk to class with headphones in could consist of everything from a Disney soundtrack or “Eye of the Tiger” if it's test day.

3. Food Habits

It's a right of passage to enjoy college food that might be absolutely horrible for you. It has every lack of nutrients yet contains just the right medicine for homesickness or a down right bad day. Even though you experience foods in college that could give you a heart attack on the spot, you also may start focusing on nutrition as a whole. In college, you start to realize that you can’t get by on Reese's cups and fried food and still play the game or run the race the way you used to. Educating yourself on what your body actually needs to be healthy happens also in college. The “freshman fifteen” is not a myth!

4. Activities

Your interest in activities may change. For instance, you may pick up reading to escape your textbooks. Or maybe even learn to scuba dive on spring break. Either way, your activities in college are bound to change. Don’t be afraid to take up a different, yet healthy, habit. College provides tons of opportunities to experience different things. Be open-minded!

5. Relationships

Your relationships may change in college. Everything from your relationships to parents, friends, and even boyfriends are on a different level when you start college. You will realize that your parents know a lot more than you thought they did during high school. You will realize that if he or she is really your childhood best friend they will still be there on school breaks to catch up, or will even be a phone call away when you need a little to feel at home. Also, you will realize that if he or she is the one, you can survive anything. Either way, relationships may change once you head off to college, and it’s okay.

6. Perspectives

Some of your perspectives may change in college. This could be because of meeting new people and approaching different ideas in your classroom. You are not under the protective shelter of a small town, a small friend group, or even the safe place your parents long to create for you. Some of the perspectives you may have grown up around will be challenged, and it's okay. Do not be alarmed. It's okay to be open-minded, just remember to not to wave anything if it’s what you believe.

People change all of the time. Although college can be a catalyst in all of these changes, remember that it's okay for some of these things to change. Things happen the way they are supposed to. Regardless, don't be alarmed if any of these things start to change. It is absolutely okay.

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