Sure, I've Been to DC Before, but Living in London Changed my Perspective

I was going to cough up another article about The Sims this week, but instead, being I got out of the house for once, I'd post something more interesting. I had a chance to go to Washington DC, thus returning to the big city for the first time since May, and while I've been there before a few times, there were a few things I noticed now, after having lived in London for the first half of this year.

1. Examining the Train Situation


I missed the train so much. Shame the nearest Metro Station is a half an hour drive away. I was pretty ecstatic to have a local top-up travel card and to step on and compare it to the Underground. Turns out it was slightly better... It was wider, had bench seats, and CARPETING. I didn't really remember it being that nice as a kid... Maybe they had work done, but still, it was great to be back.

2. Appreciating the Free Museums


There are a bunch of free museums in London, many of which I visited during my free time, because I'm one of those weirdos who prefers that to going out drinking. I only managed to visit three, but it made me happy that they were there. I could still go in, see cool stuff on display, and maybe learn a few things.

3. Food Truck food is an acceptable meal


I was a little skeptical about street food in general.... Either because I could hardly ever have any as a kid and was just jealous, or a lot of the food I've eaten at festivals and conventions were crap. Still, I didn't really need to insist on sitting down (Well, other than finding a spot where it wasn't pouring rain), and got lunch from a food truck. It was even pretty good. (Although I miss the street food markets... Those two guys from the Poutine stand, if you're for some reason reading this, I miss you and your delicious poutine!)

4. Walk it Off


Face it, it's idiotic to have a car in the city (Not to mention it's a pain in the butt to drive AND park in DC), and either you can't get public transport, or it's plain lazy to get a ride to someplace. So I have to do what I have to do, and I walk. Even after a couple months, it turns out I still can walk at an unnaturally "Looks slow, but going at the speed of light" city pace. (Maybe... I mean, to be fair, the rest of the group did stop randomly for one odd reason or another)

5. Better People Watching


People watching is always better in the big city. If I people watch at my local mall, the passersby are too similar. Soccer Mom.... Two minutes later.... Other soccer mom. Still, when I so much as got on the Metro in New Carollton, there was the diversity in weirdos that I knew and loved in London. It's just a lot more fun to scrutinize randos and grab plot bunny gold if they're not all the the same.

6. Really, how much I miss London


I'd been kinda wanting to go before heading back to Jersey because I missed London... And DC was the closest alternative. There wasn't any South Bank or royal palaces, but it still had public transport and the free museums I loved so much. It was very nice and all to experience it again, but it still wasn't all the same. I still missed London, even if it was a little fun.

Perhaps a trip to New York may be in the making once I get back to school...

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