6 Things I Am Thankful For This Thanksgiving

6 Things I Am Thankful For This Thanksgiving

This list could go on forever and ever...

November is the time of year where most people remember what they are thankful for. It is just in the spirit of Thanksgiving to post about it on Facebook and to let people know. This year I have a lot to be thankful for and I want to be able to share that with people.

1. My Parents

This may seem cliche, but my parents are two of the people I am most thankful for.

My mom is a strong-willed, determined woman who always seems to put the needs of others before herself. This past week she cleaned nonstop so she could host her family, 15 in total, at her not so big apartment for an early Thanksgiving. My mom has also taken it upon herself to dive deep into the depths of wedding planning. In just a few months she has found me a venue, she has found me a hairdresser, a florist, a DJ. She has put together a budget. She has found decorations. She has given me ideas for everything and anything wedding related. My mom is also someone I talk to nearly every day. Whether it be driving home from work, from one job site to another or to school, she almost always stops what she is doing to talk to me for ten minutes.

My dad is a hilarious, warm-hearted man who is always willing to help with anything I need. This past week he has started calling around to find the cheapest places for me to get tires for my car. He is offering to pay for a sizeable portion of my wedding. He works countless hours at work. When my mom can't talk on the phone, he is always quick to take the phone from her to talk to me himself. We don't always have the most productive conversations, but they are entertaining and keep me laughing.

2. My Fiance

My fiance is someone I cherish deeply. He is someone I get to spend the rest of my life with. He is always there for me when I need him even if it's something stupid. He supports me in my every decision. He forces me to do my homework even when I don't want to. He is my rock. He is also my best friend. We are always laughing at the stupidest jokes or making comments. He has given our cats awful nicknames. He has taught me to love new things(like spicy food and The Walking Dead). And I get to marry him in just over 215 days!

3. My Two Best Friends

Amber and Ashleigh are my two go-to girls whenever I need to vent or cry or just need a good laugh. These two have agreed to spend a big part of my big day together with me. They have agreed to help me plan, to attend countless dress appointments and to dance with me on the dance floor to whatever music I have the DJ play. I am so thankful to have two of the best friends a girl could ask for!!

4. My Brother

Honestly, when I was younger I hated my brother. He was annoying. He was stupid. And he was a jerk. But as we got older and as I moved away from home our relationship got a little stronger. I am thankful for him because he can be kind of funny sometimes.

5. My Internship

Last week in my weekly supervision I told my supervisor that I was hopeful to be able to stay with Catholic Charities once my internship ended in May and she told me that I absolutely should and that she would support me in any way to help me get a job there! She told me it is clear that it is clear that I am meant to be in the human services field and that my work in case management/care coordination has flourished. She said my work ethic is outstanding and that I truly care about people to the best of my ability. I have never been so happy to be working for a company and I can only hope that I can continue to once my internship is over.

6. My Cats

Does this even need any explanation? Just look how adorable they are!

Cover Image Credit: LifeHack

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15 Thoughts Every Girl Has In A Tanning Bed

"Haha, imagine if I got stuck."

If you have ever been in a tanning bed, you know it is easily the most boring 10 minutes of your life, and some beds are even longer than that! Unless you have a really good playlist of songs or you can take a quick nap, you usually just lay there, staring at the lights while the bed whirs and colors your skin. Here's just a few thoughts every girl has while in a tanning bed:

1) I hope I put enough lotion on... maybe I should get out and put on more...

No matter how much you think you used, you should always use more. Somehow it's better and you get more tan.

2) Maybe if I keep the fan on I'll sweat more and burn more calories….Okay nope can't do it with the fan on.

It gets way too hot in these beds to have that fan off, no matter how many calories you could burn.

3) Maybe if I put the towel under my head, I can make a little pillow!

And when there are no towels? Well, that is just a disaster and you have to make do with your hair or shirt.

4) Haha, imagine if I got stuck.

Whenever this thought crosses my mind, I have to lift the bed a little bit to make sure it'll still open and will let me out.

5) Do you think I'm tan yet?

No, 10 minutes is not enough time to become a new shade.

6) Do you think they cleaned this bed? They have to, right?

Although it is on their list of things they have to do, you always wipe it down right before you get in anyway. Just to be sure...

7) Let me put this in my Snapchat story! Cute little emoji... perfect!

Every girl has done this picture at least once.

8) Do you think they can hear me singing? Oh well...

The employees will be getting their own personal rock show today!

9) Is it illegal to tan twice in one day?

Yes, yes it is,...though it doesn't stop you from thinking you can get away with it though.

10) If I don't move, I can't get weird tan lines.

I speak from experience that this is not a true fact though it doesn't stop me from testing it out.

11) I hope my goggles don't give me a raccoon tan.

One can only pray...

12) I've only been in here for five minutes, are you serious?

Beauty and perfection take time!

13) $80 lotion are they serious? Oh my gosh, it smells like pina coladas! Okay, yes, I'm buying a bottle.

Lotions are ridiculously overpriced, but that will not stop you from having the nicest smelling one, like Snooki's brand... because of Snooki.

14) Am I even getting tan? Is this doing anything?

Despite popular belief, it is doing something.

15) Ugh, finally I'm done. And I burnt my butt….

Always. Never fails.

A special thanks to my friend Liza who helped me think of these!

Cover Image Credit: usatoday.com

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15 Steamy Summer Date Ideas That Won't Burn Through Your Bank

Don't let date night get repetitive this summer...


With a new season, comes new opportunities for super fun date ideas to keep your love life fresh and fun. I'm sure your favorite brunch place is great, but why not take advantage of the beautiful weather and try out some new things with your significant other this summer?

1. Go to the farmers market.

There is something so refreshing about walking through a farmers market. How could you not be happy when surrounded by fresh fruit, coffee stands, and live music? This is such an easy way to get some sunshine and grab some AMAZING food. My farmers market used to have everything from freshly pressed lemonade to waffle sandwiches. If you want to take the date a step further, find a recipe before you go, and buy fresh ingredients to cook a yummy dinner together later that night.

2. Tie-dye matching T-shirts.

Tie-dye is messy, so take advantage of the beautiful weather and head outside where things can get as messy as you want! What a cute little date souvenir too!

3. Late night ice cream run.

Ice cream is cool and everything, but something about ice cream in the middle of the night seems way more adventurous than a mid-day scoop. And the only time of the year that its going to be warm enough out to get ice cream late at night is, of course, summer!

4. Draw with chalk.

Honestly, your possibilities with this are pretty endless. Drawing contests, hop-scotch, make a masterpiece together, whatever your heart desires. Bring a speaker and maybe some bubbles too while you're at it, sometimes embracing our inner child is a necessary, grounding experience.

5. Throw a barbecue.

Who says spending time together is limited to only the two of you? Cooking together for your friends can be great bonding time too. Invite the crew and spend the afternoon outside at a park or in a backyard. Bring some music and maybe some activities like frisbee or kickball and enjoy some beautiful social time.

6. Take partner dance lessons.

Salsa, tango, swing, rumba, foxtrot, your opportunities are endless. Nobody is saying you have to be good, but how fun will it be to have some new moves to show off next time you and your friends go out dancing or to a concert?

7. Float down a river.

Go with just the two of you or bring some friends, either way, this is a perfect way to spend a few hours out in the sun while staying cool in the water!

8. Take your dogs to the dog park.

Parks are already fun, but when they're full of dogs they're about a million times better! Also, who doesn't love watching their significant other play with puppies?!? It doesn't get cuter than that.

9. Go cliff jumping.

In a safe spot, of course! You know what they say, you should do something that scares you every day...

10. Go on a road trip

A road trip is perfect because it's not as huge of a commitment as going on a real vacation together, but it's still a good little getaway where you are sure to bond a ton. You will have the whole car ride to talk and jam out to each other's favorite songs, how could that not be a grand time?

11. Get artsy and do a photoshoot.

Even if you're not a photographer, its kind of fun to get creative with a camera! Pick a spot somewhere nearby with cool scenery (try golden hour for extra gorgeous photos) and be each other's models. It will be a nice simple date, plus you will get some good Insta content!

12. Go to a sports game.

Plan ahead and get some tickets to go see a sports game in your town or one nearby! Sports games have such a fun upbeat atmosphere, plus fun food, and they're a good excuse to get decked out in fun fan gear!

13. Go mini golfing.

SUCH a cute and fun date idea. Mini-golfing dates never fail to bring out peoples silly sides. Why not make it a competition? Loser buys ice cream for the two of you when you're finished.

14. Go rollerblading.

OK, this one scares me personally, but for anyone with the athletic ability to attempt this, I fully encourage (and envy) you! What cuter sight to see than the two of you holding hands gliding down the city walk together? Just please wear your pads!

15. Have a car wash.

I don't mean go to the car wash together! I mean break out the speaker, the buckets, the sponges, the hose, and get soapy and silly together in the sun. Who knew cleaning could be so much fun?!

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