Do you love anything and everything nails? Does the holo (holographic) excite you more than anything? Do you love cats? Are you an avid tea enthusiast?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, Cristine, aka Simply Nailogical, will be sure to get you laughing your head off in no time. With what started out as simple, one angle view videos of nail art tutorials have now expanded to a global phenomenon of holo pandemonium that has captured the hearts of holosexuals everywhere. But, of course, there always can and should be more people that subscribe to her channel for a daily Simply dose.

So, if this information alone hasn't quite persuaded you to watch, here are even more reasons why you should.

1. Her nail art is actually very impressive!

Instagram-Simply Nailogical

As someone who has struggled to succeed in the nail department, I seriously wish I could be as risk-taking, inventive and bold in nail art as Cristine is. You'll find incredible experiments and challenges on her YouTube channel that will blow you out of the water, just like this snow globe nail she did! She also provides very helpful tips for how to succeed in growing your nails, and strategies that can reduce habits such as breakage and biting! She combines humor and skill in her passion for nails, and this is what keeps me coming back again and again. Feeling inspired yet?

2. You can fall in love with her cats, Menchie and Zyler, and learn to love BEYNNN!

Instagram-Simply Nailogical

Ok, first off, this picture makes me laugh so hard as it perfectly captures the personality of these four magical beings, and second of all, it serves as the perfect way to get to know Menchie (shark head), Zyler (taco train), and Cristine's boyfriend, Ben (banana man), or as he is better known, BEYNNN, the drink slave to fulfill all of Cristine's tea needs. Ben is a very amicable specimen, starring in nearly all the Simply videos, and has become known to love bananas, although he will always deny it! I love the way Cristine adds subtitles of what we might think the cats are thinking, and trust me, they'll have you rolling on the floor in no time. They have stolen the hearts of holosexuals everywhere, and I'm sure they'll do the same for you.

3. You can watch her do insane stunts, like steeping herself in a giant tub of tea!

Instagram-Simply Nailogical

I guess this is when you know the tea obsession has taken over! Cristine is far from any ordinary YouTuber, and her level of crazy speaks measures to this. She has been known to rise to the occasion at many suggested challenges, such as painting 100 layers of nail polish on each finger (Polish Mountain) or mixing her insane collection of over 90 teas together into one beverage. Fearless of judgment and encaptured by the unthinkable, Simply fans everywhere know that the word "insanity" just does not exist in Cristine's vocabulary.

4. You can learn to appreciate her wonderful home country, Canada!

Instagram-Simply Nailogical

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how bomb this nail art is though? Cristine is a proud Canadian, and is never afraid to make her accent become an iconic memory. For example, she often adds a glossy top coat to her nail art, however, her accent makes "top coat" sound like "taco", and ever since then, all holosexuals have come to know that you always gotta add a glossy taco! As someone who has visited this country twice, I have come to love this country and being a fan of Simply Nailogical has made me enjoy it that much more.

5. You can learn about her amazing new nail polish line, Holo Taco!

Facebook-Simply Nailogical

Not too long ago, Cristine fulfilled her dream of having her very own nail polish line, and the demand has been INSANE. I am dying to buy a bottle myself and have been waiting since July, when it officially became available for purchase. Retailing at $11-13 a bottle, Holo Taco is worth every penny and comes in a variety of holographic topper types, including Linear (shifts under the light (my personal fav!)), Flakie (larger chunks of holo), and Scattered (smaller pieces scattered across the nail.) She also offers a one-coat Royal-Tea Blue and Black. If you've never thought of trying a bolder type of nail polish, Holo Taco is a great way to ease into the experience and hopefully will spark a forever love of the holo!

6. Her fun-loving spirit is just infectious!

Instagram-Simply Nailogical

CRISTINE, THE SCIENCE QUEEN! *inner Simply joke, gotta watch if you wanna know...* On a serious note though, Cristine is such a bomb lady and is the definition of fun! There is nothing too daring, brave or adventurous for her, and her humor and ability to make others smile will make the bad days so much brighter, trust me. Some days, I can't believe that I used to live a life not knowing what Simply Nailogical was, but I'm SO glad I do now. Once you start, there's no way you'll be able to stop!

I sincerely hope you have been persuaded now to check out this fantastic channel because there is no way you would regret it! Even if nail art isn't really your thing, if you like laughing and watching people do crazy challenges, Simply Nailogical can check that box for you! The humor of this channel is so natural that it doesn't even have to be that funny to appear as such! Cristine also has two other sub-channels, Simply Mailogical and Simply Not Logical, which is twice the fun and twice the laughs!

One of the things I really love that her channel does is cover a wide variety of topics that relate around nails, whether that be seasons, crazy challenges, or even baking a cake with nail polish in it (crazy, right?) Either way, no matter what it is that entices you to keep watching or start watching her channel, you're bound to find one reason that keeps you coming back again and again!