6 Reasons Why People Wear Makeup

6 Reasons Why People Wear Makeup

And no, pleasing others isn't one of them.

I am someone who wears makeup almost every day. In fact, I wear makeup so often that when I don't, people ask me if I'm sick or feeling okay. Many people wonder why I choose to wake up early to do it, or why I spend my money on it.

Makeup can be time-consuming and expensive if you want it to be, but I think it's worth it. It's my choice and mine alone to wear makeup every day, and here are some reasons why I (and countless others) do it.

1. Makeup is a form of artistic expression.

Putting on makeup is my daily chance to make a work of art. No matter how dramatic or simple a look is, creating it takes skill, precision, and imagination. There are so many colors, different types of products, and techniques that go into creating a look. Just like other forms of art, no piece is ever the same! Only this way, you get to wear the art yourself.

2. It's self-care.

I definitely consider myself a morning person, and doing my makeup has become part of my daily routine to prepare for what the day brings. When I don't put makeup on in the morning, my day feels a little different. Doing my makeup takes a lot of concentration, so it can take my mind off of some things I might be worrying about and reduce my anxiety. It helps me wake up and get ready to tackle the world with confidence.

At night, I always take off my makeup, apply moisturizers and other products to take care of my skin. It's important to me to do something every day to better myself, and spending time on my appearance is one of those things I do. Keeping my skin healthy is as important to me as keeping any other part of myself healthy. Spending this time on my skin doesn't just make me look good, but it makes me feel good.

3. It makes me feel more confident.

There are a lot of reasons that we may not feel 100% about ourselves all the time, even if those reasons are unfounded. Wearing makeup makes me feel a little less self-conscious about myself. Sometimes it's something small that only you notice, like that one pimple that you feel like everyone fixates on when they see you that you want to conceal.

For me, I never want to leave the house without filling in my eyebrows. There's no shame in wanting to change some things about your appearance. Just remember that its whats inside that truly matters, and your bare face is just as beautiful as your face when its all done up.

4. It makes me feel more powerful.

When my eyebrows look perfect, or I'm wearing my favorite shade of lipstick I feel a little more invincible. Knowing that I look good makes me feel good. Putting energy into something and having it come out great gives me a satisfaction that I carry with me the rest of the day.

Even if no one notices that my eyeliner is perfectly even and sharp, I know, and It's enough to give me a little boost in my step. Look out world! I know I look good today and nothing can stop me.

5. Makeup has a community built around it.

If you use any social media platform, you've probably seen content by a "beauty influencer." Beauty influencers get paid by companies to review and promote makeup products online to their followers. This notion has launched a giant community of both men and women who enjoy wearing and talking about makeup.

Beauty is just another means of finding new people online who have similar interests as you and friendships form easily. Plus, there's always plenty of drama when it comes to influencers and new product releases to talk about (I'm looking at you, Kylie Jenner). It's a great way to find people who are always there to appreciate your looks and support you, and share tips and tricks with.

6. Because it's fun.

At the very least, doing my makeup is fun. I don't do my makeup to impress anyone but myself. I only do it because it is something I like to do, not because I think I have to. I take pride in my appearance, but I know it is not what makes me who I am, or why people like me. Sometimes I'm the only one who sees a look that I've done, but that doesn't mean it was a waste of time or energy.

We need to stop shaming women from wearing makeup, or not wearing it! I do my makeup for myself, and myself only.

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My Hair Is My New Project

Making sure my hair is alright has become my new 9 to 5!

T Bone
T Bone

If anyone has been through hell and back with their hair, it's me! I have dated my hair, got engaged to it, married it, divorced it, and even whooped its ass a few times. But that is okay because, at this moment, I can honestly say I am finally on the right path to growing the healthiest, strongest version of it.

Maybe we can start from the beginning; I have to give y'all a full story! Not really too much to say about my childhood hair. My mom did it mostly, but there were several times that I went to the salon. I always got these really cute twists with pigtails that were curly, I LOVED that hairstyle. My mom would braid it, curl it, even straighten it sometimes; I thought I was so grown! For the most part, my hair has always been really thick with a good length along with that. Sometimes, however, I noticed that it looked shorter (because it was breaking off from split ends, dryness, etc.) but I honestly brushed it off.

I was a young child, all that stuff never even crossed my mind. I then moved from little girl pigtails to just wearing my hair out, no barrettes, bows, nothing, just simply wearing it out. I was so excited, I was finally old enough to just let it flow. I loved getting fresh perms; it made it easier to comb through, easier to manage. I did not realize the damage they could do either. If I'm remembering correctly, I got my first perm at around five or six-years-old. It would sometimes burn; I dreaded it, but the results that came were addicting. For a long ass time, I didn't even know that my hair could curl up or be wavy, I just assumed my it was naturally straight.

When I was in 6th grade, I had this mentality that women should ALWAYS wear their real hair, and NEVER wear weaves, extensions, etc. My hairdresser told me that one day she was sure that I would change my mind; I assured her that I was not going to. Well... that sure didn't last long because exactly a year after I got my first weave hairstyle. It was actually a really popular hairstyle at that time, kinky twists! They were cute, it was something different. After that, I mostly wore weave, while occasionally wearing my real hair.

Fast forward to 8th grade, I hadn't worn my real hair in an entire year or gotten a perm. My friends at school and even bullies wondered what my hair looked like; they always talked about how I never showed it. Annoying bullies said I was bald. Ha! The joke was on them, little did they know, they were in for a HUGE treat. I remember it like it was yesterday, I came to school with my freshly permed, straight hair. It had grown so much within that year from all the protective styles I had been wearing. People were so shocked to see that I actually had lots of hair under all that weave. One girl even said, "I honestly thought you were bald". It was funny to me, but also ignorant. I think that way of thinking has faded, but it still exists, especially toward black women.

Throughout my entire four years of high school, I still got perms, but not nearly as often as I did in middle school. When I reached college, I often struggled with the idea of being natural; I wanted to so badly, but I was afraid of how my hair would be. I wasn't used to a thicker, curly texture. It was honestly an intimidating thought.

Finally, on May 3rd, 2016, I got my last and FINAL perm. I told myself then that I would not get one anymore, and I meant it! After that, I started my transitioning process... it was hell. I really had second thoughts; at times I really doubted that I could handle all that volume and kinky texture. I kept going through. I no longer cared about the damage the perm had done, now my main focus was heat damage. I know some people will not understand this at first, but seriously, the only way your hair will escape from heat damage is if you stop using it! Divorce your curling and flat irons, even your blow dryers. Now, of course, it is okay to use heat every now and then. But every week or every day, hell no!

On December 22, 2017, I was fed up with looking at my raggedy ass hair strands. My new growth was so curly and full of life. After watching a few YouTube videos, I got a good idea on the proper way to clip your hair. AND SO I DID JUST THAT! I felt so powerful and renewed. Any professional probably would have told me that doing it myself wasn't a good idea, and that is understandable. My hair stopped right at my ears when I cut it; it had never been that short my whole life, but I didn't care. You should ALWAYS prioritize health over length. Almost a year later, after months of moisturizing, protective styles, and long talks to myself, my hair is now past my shoulders. Length is a plus, but the fact that I am FULLY natural with NO heat damage for the first time in my life is momentous for me. I will continue taking vitamins, moisturizing, caring and loving my hair. I am determined to see it grow to its fullest potential.

T Bone
T Bone

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