Each month a person could easily spend hours inside of a grocery store. Going through the aisles, standing in line and bagging groceries are all a part of the experience, and not everyone enjoys that fact. However begrudgingly, we do this because we have to.

But do we really have to?

A significant part of shopping is done online these days. From electronics to clothes to books and pretty much anything that you could think of, online shopping can deliver whatever you need right to your door. In recent years, this luxury has been extended to your household’s groceries. You can check out mercato.com for their grocery delivery service or other websites that offer similar services.

That’s right-online grocery shopping is a thing, and it’s great. But don’t just take my word for it. Instead, consider all of these very compelling reasons to give it a try yourself!

1: It helps you to save money.
Have you ever gotten to the register and then been shocked at the total that you have to pay? Online shopping constantly tallies your total, including delivery fees, so there is no surprise when it’s come time to pay for your food. Additionally, you save dollars when you utilize your ability to compare prices between brands and even other stores at a glance.

2: You even save money on transportation.
Getting to and from the grocery store has its associated costs, too. Gas money, bus fare, cab fare or however you get there requires some cash being spent. This is especially true for those who live rurally, or far away from their nearest preferred shop. Instead of shelling out an amount that builds up drastically over time, just pay a simple delivery fee.

3: 24-hour shopping!
Most grocery stores are not open all day and all night, but the internet is. You can shop in bed, at 3 o’clock in the morning if you want to. How’s that for convenience?

4: You can jump immediately to the specials.
One of the biggest pains of grocery shopping is navigating through aisle after aisle in search of whatever is on special. If you’re trying to meal plan on a budget, your online grocery store allows you to skip right to the clearance items-no excessive browsing necessary!

5: Forget about standing in line.
Are you tired of prowling the checkout lanes in search of the shortest line? Do large grocery shopping trips fill you with boredom as you arrange your items on the conveyor belt? Standing in line just doesn’t happen when you shop online.

6: Parents and caregivers get a break.
Shopping with children is a task and a half, especially if the much-dreaded public tantrum goes down. With online shopping, you don’t have to drag your kids out of the house, cram them in the cart and hope that the shopping goes smoothly. Caregivers are busy people with full schedules, making grocery shopping a taxing task that eats up valuable time. When you buy your groceries online, you get more time to focus on what’s most important.