6 Places You Need to Eat in KC
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6 Places You Need to Eat in KC

That don't include BBQ.

6 Places You Need to Eat in KC

Kansas City is known across the country for their BBQ, there’s no doubt about that. In fact, you can even book your ticket on a tour that will take you by bus to the most delicious BBQ spots around. Pretty cool, right? While all of that is great, there is more to Kansas City cuisine besides burnt ends and slabs of ribs.

The next time you’re sitting around waiting to go to Olive Garden or some other franchise, consider one of these restaurants instead!

1. Manny’s Mexican Restaurant

Featuring your most classic Mexican dishes and white queso that is to die for. Someone's birthday? Get some delicious sopaipillas and a sombrero. Muy bien!

2. Café Gratitude

Featuring all vegan and vegetarian dishes this restaurant is sure to get you out of your comfort zone. You will leave feeling happy and healthy tummy!

3. Chez Elle

Featuring crepes galore! And did someone say Nutella danish? On top of it all is an incredible atmosphere. A definite must for fellow breakfast and brunch lovers!

4. Pizza 51

Featuring pizza, of course! Who doesn't love pizza? This place will keep you coming back for more. Say goodbye to delivery!

5. Jerusalem Café

Featuring savory Middle Eastern dishes. If you are a fan of hummus and pita bread, then this restaurant will be worth your time. You can also grab a bite from their food truck while shopping at First Fridays in the West Bottoms.

6. Doughnut Lounge

Featuring gourmet doughnuts and booze! Does it get any better than that? When planning your next date with the girls, think a good Old Fashion doughnut and a refreshing mimosa.

Some of these, among my favorites, are sure to be yours soon! Take your taste buds on a little vacation and explore something new. Enjoy!

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