6 Netflix Series To Binge Watch If You're Looking For Intense Drama And Action

6 Netflix Series To Binge Watch If You're Looking For Intense Drama And Action

Six unique shows that you are sure to enjoy.

Want to binge some great shows before AP exams and second semester finals start creeping around the corner? Well, here's a compiled list of shows guaranteed to make you want more. You're welcome.

1. Black Mirror

The futuristic series of "Black Mirror" depicts how our society changes when technology is extremely advanced, as well as how our lives become more controlled and bitter when we allow our technological devices to restrict our way of living. The episodes are long and somewhat pessimistic, but there is always a plot twist near the end, making it unlike any other show on Netflix. I highly suggest not watching the first episode, "National Anthem," because it may be a little extreme; instead, start with season two and work backwards. Each episode is standalone, so you can start anywhere. I also highly suggest watching "Arkangel," and "White Christmas" because both episodes have very good storylines and are personal favorites of mine.

2. House M.D.

Though "House M.D." is another medical show, it is very different from "Grey's Anatomy," "Private Practice," "Scrubs" and "Nurse Jackie" (yes, there are tons). Each episode presents a medical mystery, and led by Dr. House (a savage doctor who thinks it is his duty to throw shade at everyone), a team of doctors must race against the clock to save the patient. There is some light drama here and there, but the show is mostly centered on the medical scenes whereas shows like Grey's shows a lot of romantic/regular life drama. Dr. House loves to insult his co-workers on a regular basis, which provides a constant comedic relief from the otherwise serious show.

3. 90210

In my opinion, "90210" this show is better than "Pretty Little Liars" and "Riverdale" (sorry, guys). A group of high school best friends navigate relationships, academic life, social conflicts and parent drama through life after college. These quirky characters make the most terrible mistakes, but the support they have for one another is truly heartwarming. It gets better after season two so do not stop watching! The dramas involving Adrianna, Annie and Naomi is always the best, since each woman deals with their problems in various, outlandish ways, and the result is always hilarious.

4. American Horror Story

"American Horror Story" is not that scary, so you can view it without fearing for jump scares or having nightmares for the next week. Each season has its own plot line, but the best season, from my experience, would be season two's episode called "The Asylum," in which a reporter must record the mistreatment of mental patients at the asylum and expose it to the world, but he is accidentally trapped there with barbaric nurses and inmates.

5. Switched At Birth

"Switched At Birth" is a light, family kind of drama in which two girls figure out that they are not biologically related to their families and must adjust to getting to know their true parents. Along the way, they learn that people who don't share the same blood can still be family, but don't worry, there's still some romantic and typical high school drama. Some conversations take place with deaf characters, so English subtitles are provided when those characters are communicating through ASL. I really admired the show using deaf characters, because it raised awareness of how living and interacting with deaf people provides an own set of problems.

6. The OA

This fantasy/science fiction show is very different from "Stranger Things" or any other mainstream show. "The OA" story follows a Russian girl who gets visions from the future and survives an assassination attempt that ends up killing her dad, her only family. She is adopted by a family from America, but she believes that her dad is still alive. She is then kidnapped by an evil scientist who believes that she can help him travel to an alternate dimension. There is not much comedy in this show, mostly just sad scenes and supernatural elements, but the plot is intriguing and the development of the characters is done flawlessly.

These six shows will make sure you are never bored again, and it all can be found on Netflix. Most have over five seasons, so you will definitely be occupied for months on end.

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