It seems as though we can finally say with crossed fingers that spring has officially sprung. There is so much to look forward; warm weather and sunny days, trees budding, flowers blooming, and the feeling of finally breaking free of winter’s icy grasp. While we all associate spring with good feelings, unfortunately, there are some bad things that come with spring.

1. Allergies

Sure the flowers are blooming, but that just means the pollen count in the air is increasing. What does that mean? Runny noses, watery eyes that cause them to itch and ruin your makeup, and the overall redness it comes it; nothing is worse than allergies.

2. Anxiety

It’s true, the warm weather puts you in a good mood. However, that good mood is quickly replaced with intense anxiety and stress when we realize spring is the time of the year all of our projects are due. As you’re rushing to finish all your work, you don’t really have the time to appreciate the weather.

3. Your utilities cost you more money

With warmer weather, the hotter your apartment is and you turn the air conditioning on to cool it down. Unfortunately, when you turn on the air conditioning your utility bill increases.

4. One less excuse to start running

You can’t say it’s too cold to go running anymore because it is now beautiful outside. So it’s time to pull out your running shoes again.

5. The rain

Yes, rain is nice, calming, and makes you want to curl up with a good book. That is warm summer rain, not this cold, dreary rain mother nature is giving to the world right now.

6. The awkward temperature outside

You don’t know what you should wear or if you should have the air conditioning on or off; one minute you are sweltering and the next you are freezing. There is no in-between.