We all know that one person who always has the coldest hands and is shivering, no matter the season. I should know because I'm one of those people. Here are a few Christmas gift ideas for people like me, if you don't know what to get us and you're sick of us asking you to feel how cold our hands are.

1. Fuzzy Socks

It's not winter until you have your fuzzy socks on. Get your fuzzy pair today on Amazon.

2. Hand Warmers

If you're like me and refuse to switch from iced coffee to warm coffee, then hand warmers are a must. You can make your own with this Pinterest guide or get some from Target.

3. Sweaters, Sweaters, And More Sweaters.

The hairier the sweater, the warmer it is. This cozy tunic sweater from Target is calling your name.

4. Thermal Leggings

My favorite thermal leggings are from Uniqlo, but you can find them in most stores!

5. Blankets

So you can create a blanket fort, drink hot chocolate, and watch Netflix under it. Better yet, get a weighted blanket and sleep cozy.

6. Hat And Gloves Set

Being warm = looking cute. Wearing a hat in the cold weather makes a big difference! Here's an adorable hat and gloves set to get you started.

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