With the weather getting warmer, who isn't thinking about ice cream (Although I still dream about ice cream in the winter)? There are so many flavors of ice cream it would blow your mind. Instead of making your mouth water, these may make you cringe. Let's see if you would try any of these weird ice cream flavors because I'm not brave enough... I will stick with the originals.

1. Goat Cheese

To start us off with the thing I hate the most... I don't even know if I have ever tried it but don't have the desire to, either.

2. Balsamic Caramel Swirl

I love Balsamic dressing on salad in the summertime, but a Balsamic Caramel Swirl Ice Cream... NO THANK YOU.

3. Bacon

Now I am one to confess I LOVE BACON... But bacon combined with ice cream, I don't know. I did have a friend once who got the bacon shake from SONIC he seemed to love it. Maybe this one is worth a try...

4. Sweet Corn

Now, I mentioned bacon before and it's back. I think we try and put bacon in everything we eat on a daily basis. This one is Sweet corn ice cream, with salted popcorn and caramel-Canadian bacon.

5. Asiago Cheese

Now. who doesn't love cheese? I mean, I do, but this is just another pass for me. This is Asiago Ice Cream. It's an "unexpected meal ender"...

6. Almond Charcoal (Midnight Black)

Turn a Light on it's about to get dark with this Midnight Black Ice cream, which is an almond charcoal flavor.

Don't let these stop you from enjoying all your fav flavors or think differently about ice cream. Why not learn a new flavor even if they make you cringe? Maybe you will try them and be surprised!!