6 Things I Heard After Piercing My Nose That Left Me Triggered
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6 Things I Heard After Piercing My Nose That Left Me Triggered

(And that I shouldn't have had to hear in the first place).

6 Things I Heard After Piercing My Nose That Left Me Triggered

It's my senior year in college, so I figured now was the perfect time to do something fun just for the heck of it-- I pierced my nose! I have wanted to go for it since Kelly Clarkson made it popular over 10 years ago, but this is how long it takes for me to make a "spontaneous" decision.

However, I've noticed over the past couple weeks that I have had the nose ring that not everyone shares in my enthusiasm. So, if you're thinking about even the smallest body modification, here are some comments you can expect.

1. *Intense staring*

So, this isn't a comment, but actions DO speak louder than words. The first time my family members saw my piercing, they did about eight double-takes-- they stared, but were too uncomfortable to do so for long. They just kept stealing glances so they could stare "without me knowing." Newsflash! It was super obvious. Strangers did the same thing, just to a lesser extent.

And don't even get me started about my kids at the daycare!! There was a lot of pointing and a lot of trying to grab it (ouch, by the way.)

2. When did THAT happen?

Well gee, probably sometime in the week-long period when I didn't see you.

3. When did you decide to do that?

As I said earlier, literally ten years ago. But even if I rolled out of bed and decided, "Hey, I want to pierce my nose today," that should not be a problem for you.

4. ... Why?

Once again, if I must explain it to you, it is something that I thought would look cool for years. I personally do not love my big(ish) nose, so I thought that putting something shiny and pretty on it would distract me from how much I hate it. Guess what? I was right.

See, look how happy I am with my little nose stud! So happy I'm squinting, I tell you!

Everyone has a different reason for their piercings (or tattoos, or whatever body modifications they choose.) Sometimes, the reason is just, "Because I felt like it."

The point is, that person's reason is theirs alone. No one should feel the need to justify choices about their appearances to anyone-- ever.

5. Did you at least think about what you were doing?

Personally, yes I did. I thought about piercing my nose for ten or so years before I took the plunge. It was important to me that I was 100% sure of what I was getting myself into. But, I don't see why that matters to you...

After all, what if I didn't 'think about it" beforehand at all? What if I just headed to Piercing Pagoda and went for it the second the idea popped into my head? As an adult, it is my right to do so.

6. Have you thought about what employers will think?

Yes, actually, I have. I am a future teacher, so I know that this sort of body modification is controversial in some school settings. I waited until I found several examples of education professionals with tattoos, multiple piercings, etc. before I decided that it was worth it.

Worst comes to worst, I simply remove the piercing-- the hole will eventually close, and it will be as if it never even happened. Magical.

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