Picture this: you're sitting at home happily watching television covered in crumbs in your pajamas minding your own business, and suddenly you are watching the most offensive commercial you have ever seen. You cannot help but think, "How did this commercial, produced by this huge corporation, get approved by a whole marketing team and no one thought it could be controversial?" We've all been here. These are the top five most cringeworthy failed advertisements.

1. Yve Saint Laurent's 'Black Opium' perfume.

In a country with a growing opium crisis, I think we can all understand how this one was a huge f*ck-up.

2. Pepsi-gate.

Also known as one this year's most obvious example of white privilege, aside from our current administration.

3. Hyundai's Suicide Commerical

I don't think I need to explain why this is problematic.

4. Pornhub's racist and insensitive celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

White people definitely need to stop using hashtags that aren't meant for them as a punchline for their racist jokes.

5. The Kim Kardashian Robbery Halloween Costume

When will we stop victim shaming people? Someone else's trauma is not your joke.

6. When Urban Outfitters capitalized on mass school shootings.

*Face plants onto cement.*