6 Additions Wildcats Need On University Blvd.
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6 Additions Wildcats Need On University Blvd.

Us Wildcats LOVE University Boulevard, but have you ever thought about what could make it even better?

6 Additions Wildcats Need On University Blvd.
Mike Petrucci on Unsplash

If you go to the U of A, then University Boulevard is your go-to spot for all of your many needs (especially if you live on campus, Greek row, or near the Tyndall apartments). While, yes, it's filled with some of the best in shopping, restaurants, and even night life near campus, there's no denying that there are definitely some missing essentials...

1. A 24-Hour Diner

I'm talking about a classic, full menu, New York style diner that's open 24 hours for all of our late night and even early morning cravings. I don't know about you, but I'm in need of a place where I can order a little bit of everything with a side of bacon, at 2 in the morning.

2. A Coffee Shop

Yes, I know that The Scented Leaf is a crowd favorite, but what about some caffeine for those of us who just aren't so crazy about tea? Not to say that Starbucks doesn't count, because as many of us are, I am a huge Starbucks junkie, but I could easily walk into the library or bookstore for something as basic and quick as Starbucks. And, by the way, it's not just about the coffee and maybe even the pastries, it's about a cozy, one-stop shop for settling down and getting some work done in a comfy chair with a warm cup of coffee to keep you going.

3. A GOOD Nail Salon

Taking a $7 Uber to get a mediocre manicure is not at all the ideal situation for someone with very little time, and an even smaller amount of money accessible to put toward a car ride. I don't know about you, but Spring Nail Salon just doesn't cut it for me, and if they could bring a big and clean nail salon to University Blvd., I would be forever grateful.

4. An Ice Cream Shop

I love Campus Candy's frozen yogurt as much as the next wildcat, but seriously, why are there no ice cream shops on University (and NO, Baskin' Robbins doesn't count). We deserve a classic, homemade, family owned ice cream shop...and definitely one with amazing toppings, because my camera roll has been lacking in sexy pictures of my ice cream.

5. A Market

I've said it once and I'll say it 10 times if I have to, but taking a $7 Uber just to get the essentials, get's really annoying really quickly (and I know my parent's aren't too thrilled with the bill, either). Trader Joe's and Whole Foods are great, yes, but how about a friendly and healthy market on University Blvd. where I can buy a couple of veggies here and there and a few other things to stock my fridge with? I think yes! Now, I'm not talking about another Nrich Urban Market, but how about a mini version of Natural Grocers or AJ's?

6. A Movie Theatre

I'm all for a movie night in, but every now and then I want the full movie theatre, popcorn eating, soda drinking experience. University Blvd. deserves a theatre that shows all of the newest and best movies straight from Hollywood.

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