Social media and the internet, in general, have become a dominant part of society. Wherever you go, you see people walking with their faces in their phones, headphones in, and in their own little world. I can admit I am guilty of this, but I am starting to see how much it is effecting something like physical human interaction. There are definitely many pros and cons of the media and the internet. But the real question is, are there more pros or cons?

Social media and the internet have not always been this popular. It is really this day in age that has shown that the media and technology have gotten bigger. One thing that I believe is a con of this is that kids are starting to use social media and technology at such a young age. I rarely see kids playing with toys anymore. Instead, their faces are glued to an iPad, or sometimes even a phone on Instagram or a different app. I remember when I was a kid, I wasn't allowed to get a phone until I was in 6th grade because I was officially in middle school. Now it is super common for kids to not only have phones but iPhones. Does anyone else remember begging their parents for a flip phone because that was what was the "in" thing to have? Besides the fact that I didn't get a phone until I was about 11 years old, I played with toys for the longest time. I loved playing with dolls or different games with my friends at play dates. Now I feel like kids just sit on technology and social media all day.

One really good thing about social media and technology is how it can keep or get us in contact with people all around the world. For example, during the process of finding a college roommate, or even just someone to talk to, things like Facebook groups, Instagram, and GroupMe are a great way to get to know people. This is really helpful for colleges that have kids attending from all different parts of the country. Since I attend my state school, it was relatively easy to meet people from the Facebook group before freshman year because we all live in the same state. On the other hand, other schools have kids from all over and social media is a great way to get to know people.

Although social media can be great at times, it can also make us very secluded. One really interesting thing to do when you go to a restaurant is to look around and see how many tables are actually talking, and how many are all on their phones. I am definitely one to do this from time to time, but I really try hard not to. Going out to eat with friends and family is valuable time, Snapchat can wait until later.

To end on a positive note, one thing social media and the internet is really good for is work. I know that may sound weird at first, but the media can be very helpful for things like networking and advertising a company you may work for. Something like a Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and other apps can really allow companies to post things to the public that could potentially make them interested in what you are showing through the media.

At the end of the day, there are good and bad things about social media and technology. Do I love to sit on my phone and go on social media? Yes. But I have also realized that it is not healthy to be on it all day, and it does actually get boring to sit on my phone all day. I hope one day this society can find the happy medium of media and technology.