Review of 5 Seconds of Summer's New Album 'Youngblood'
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A thorough review of 5 Seconds of Summers' 3rd studio album - "Youngblood."

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5 Seconds of Summer is a band made up of 4 Australian guys. Michael, Calum, Ashton and Luke got their big break when One Direction promoted their music on Twitter and then invited them to open the show on two of 1D's world tours. On June 15, they released their third studio album, Youngblood. Here's a quick rundown of all 16 songs on the Deluxe version.

1. Youngblood

5 Seconds of Summer - Instagram

If you haven't heard this song on the radio and loved it, you're lying. The title track was the second single released, and it is a complete jam. 3 minutes and 23 seconds of bliss.

2. Want You Back (Explicit)

5 Seconds of Summer - Instagram

This song was the first single released from this album. This song is so well-written and relatable. I think it was the perfect first single to release, and it deserves all the love.

3. Lie To Me

5 Seconds of Summer - Instagram

This song makes me sad, but also happy because it's such a beautiful song. I have to sing this song as loud as I can every time it comes on. It's so emotional, so relatable, and a great addition to this album. The only complaint I have is that I wish it was longer.

4. Valentine

5 Seconds of Summer - Instagram

This song has a sexy, chill vibe and it's a jam. It is very unique compared to the rest of the album, but still fits in perfectly. Plus, it mentions "chocolate eclairs" which are always nice to think about.

5. Talk Fast

5 Seconds of Summer - Instagram

Every single time I listen to this song, I find myself bouncing in my seat. Also, the line "I want your love in every flavor" will go down on my list of all-time favorite lyrics. And it should be on yours, too.

6. Moving Along

5 Seconds of Summer - Instagram

This is a song about having trouble moving on from a breakup, which we have all experienced at least once in our lives. But, it is upbeat and catchy, and takes on a new perspective of the struggle to move on.

7. If Walls Could Talk

5 Seconds of Summer - Instagram

This song makes me want to crump, in all of the best ways (but I'm sure everyone would appreciate it if I didn't). Aside from the amazing music behind the lyrics, the lyrics themselves are powerful and relatable. There's a super sexy undertone to this song that everyone should be appreciating.

8. Better Man

5 Seconds of Summer - Instagram

This song says the words every girl hopes to hear from her boy - "with your love, I'm a better man." We can only wonder what girl had this effect on one of the 5SOS boys, and wish we were her.

9. More

5 Seconds of Summer - Instagram

This song has a classic, punk-rock vibe and I'm absolutely here for it. The lyrics are relatable, the music is awesome, and it's all-around a fantastic song.

10. Why Won't You Love Me

5 Seconds of Summer - Instagram

We've all been in positions where we can relate to this song - caring about someone way more than they care about you. It is fairly upbeat for a heartbreak song, which I think it makes it even better.

11. Woke Up In Japan

5 Seconds of Summer - Instagram

The first time I listened to this song, I thought it made no sense. While I'm not sure I completely understand what this song means, I do understand that it is a jam. And that's enough for me.

12. Empty Wallets

5 Seconds of Summer - Instagram

The lyrics "living our lives dancing on empty wallets" are way too relatable for me (college kids - ya feel me?!). This song is catchy, and the music has a type of rhythm that isn't seen anywhere else on this album.

13. Ghost Of You

5 Seconds of Summer - Instagram

I knew every word to this song about 4 hours after this album was released. This song is so sad, but so beautiful. The lyrics are phenomenal. This is without a doubt the most emotional song on this album, the most well-written song to maybe ever exist, and it is easily my favorite. I feel sorry for my roommates, who have been listening to me sing this at the top of my lungs multiple times a day.

14. Monster Among Men (Deluxe Only)

5 Seconds of Summer - Instagram

This song has relatively simple music, very well-written lyrics, and an important message for all the boys out there who don't know how to treat a girl.

15. Meet You There (Deluxe Only)

5 Seconds of Summer - Instagram

This is one of my favorites on this album (it is also the name of their upcoming tour to promote this album). Listening to this song makes me want to invest in strobe lights and a disco ball for my bedroom. If you want to see some wild dancing, ask me for a video of me listening to this song.

16. Babylon (Deluxe Only)

5 Seconds of Summer - Instagram

If you know your Bible stories, then you know why the naming of this song is so clever (if you don't know your Bible studies - look up the tower of Babylon). Aside from the fact that I can't get over how creative the lyrics are (seriously it's genius), it is also a hardcore jam.

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