For Those Who Are Shamed Because They “Do It For The Insta”

For Those Who Are Shamed Because They “Do It For The Insta”

We experience growth in so many ways, but here’s a shout out to the photographs for capturing our greatest moments.

Megan Sutton

I am such a "capture the moment" type of person. Everyone always tells me that I “do it for the Instagram” or they saw the phrase, “Let’s take a photo!” just pouring out of my mouth. Why, yes. I do enjoy keeping my social media up to date. But the truth is, I find joy when I come across a photo from the past. It is pure nostalgia of making the most every moment. Memories are something I cherish and hold close to my heart. Every day you meet someone new, and to know that each person comes into your life with a different influence on you is inspiring and motivating. It inspires me to get out there and live life with those who bring out the best in me. It motivates me to be myself and be kind, to create connections with anyone and everyone you encounter. You never regret chances you take but to not take a chance comes with regret. To capture a moment provides a spark for reminiscing later on down the road.

I find beauty in the photographs. They hold happiness, growth, friendship, joy, laughter, smiles, fashion, and so much more. It’s much better to read a book that has illustrations than to read one with just words, am I right?!

My recent favorite theme is growth. Growth can come in many forms. We are all aging with every second. Our smile changes depending on the day, our size changes, our hair changes, our style changes, and so on and so forth. Much change is proven in photographs. They're irresistible in that way.

Growth proves you overcame the hardest battle you fought. Because after those long months of tears and weariness, you were able to overcome and find the bliss provided for you in this life. How special and rewarding is that?

Growth proves you lost that weight you were fighting to see the results of. It may have taken months, but the comparison can be amazing, and once again, rewarding.

Growth since you were a child into the beautiful soul you are today. Despite the battles lost, we get to celebrate those we have won too. You’ve matured an extraordinary amount throughout the years.

Growth in friendships that have been formed through this journey of life you've been on. And some that you’ve lost, but so what? Life has a way of replacing the bad apples for the good ones.

Growth in your education. Our parents began with documenting our elementary school photos, but now we are all seeing college graduation photos. How neat is that?! We are all flowers blooming into who we are shaped to be.

Growth in your self esteem and confidence. Look past your insecurities because I guarantee someone is out there that loves them endlessly.

We experience growth in so many ways. But here’s a shout out to the photographs for capturing our greatest moments. They hold pure gold. Live in the moment, but don't forget to capture it. Because to look back on the greatest times of your life is to look back at genuine happiness and maturation.

Keep saying "do it for the Insta," but know that much more will come out of it than just wanting likes. More will come with the memories you are creating with people whom you wouldn't trade for the world.

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