50 Ways To Get Into The Holiday Spirit
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50 Ways To Get Into The Holiday Spirit

Thanksgiving is officially over, it's finally time to start celebrating the Christmas season.

50 Ways To Get Into The Holiday Spirit

Thanksgiving is officially over, meaning it is finally time to celebrate the Christmas season. Here are 50 different ways that you can start to enjoy the holidays:

1. Play Christmas music

2. Bake cookies

3. Decorate the house

4. Set up the Christmas tree

5. Make a gingerbread house

6. Light a festive candle

7. Buy an advent calendar

8. Go to church

9. Start online shopping for presents

10. Take a family picture for the Christmas card

11. Take a walk down the Holiday section of Target

12. Sip hot cocoa

13. Search on Pinterest for gift wrapping idea

14. Buy fuzzy socks

15. Watch a Hallmark Christmas movie

16. Write the letter for your Christmas card

17. Sing holiday songs in the car

18. Eat a candy cane

19. Decorate your yard

20. Go caroling

21. Bake cookies for your neighbor or friends

22. Buy a new set of pajamas

23. Watch old school Christmas cartoons

24. Drink eggnog

25. String lights on your house

26. Go to a Holiday party

27. Write a letter to Santa

28. Wear an ugly Christmas sweater

29. Read "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

30. Look at Christmas lights

31. Hang the mistletoe

32. Ring the bell for the Salvation Army

33. Curl up by the fire

34. Go ice-skating

35. Cook holiday recipes

36. Play in the snow

37. Make DIY Christmas ornaments

38. Make your own holiday playlist

39. Go sledding

40. Read "The Polar Express"

41. Pack a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child

42. Drink sparkling cider

43. Eat holiday treats

44. Make DIY Christmas gifts

45. Attend a holiday concert or play

46. Spend time with family

47. Watch "Elf"

48. Do random acts of kindness

49. Visit a Christmas tree farm

50. Start a new holiday tradition

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