50 Things To Do Before Turning 50
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50 Things To Do Before Turning 50

A bucket list for every young soul out there!

50 Things To Do Before Turning 50

Without a doubt we all believe that there are many things to look forward to while growing up.

Without a doubt we all believe that there are many things to look forward to while growing up. First are things like entering high school and being able to stay out past ten.

Or being eighteen having the freedom to wonder the world and be reckless.

And how about turning the ultimate age of twenty one and experiencing the night you wish you remembered!

Well, this article here will fill you with hope that there is so much more to look forward to still.

So sit back and relax because age is just a number, and it can never set any limits.

Here are somethings to do before turning 50!

1. Join a club

2. Attend an election

3. Run a marathon

4. Attend a annual new tech convention

5. Visit the Egyptian pyramids

6. Invest in stocks

7. Learn to skateboard, surf, snowboard, or ski

8. Find love

9. Skinny dip

10. Dress up in a costume and be silly in the streets of New York

11. Rent a Lamborghini in California

12. Make love on a beach

13. Meet a celebrity crush

14. Volunteer at a festival so you can see performances for free

15. Decorate your own home. Grab pen and paper and plan out to remodel your whole house or apartment. Pick new colors, furniture, appliances, and create a new place just like the ones you see on TV.

16. Go on a huge shopping spree

17. Paddle board in the beautiful ocean seas of Greece

18. Build a home for someone

19. Jump out of a cake

20. Try the hottest chilies at a chili eating contest

21. Adopt a turtle in Hawaii

22. Visit a private island

23. Fly in a helicopter

24. Harvest your own vegetables

25. Pop a champaign bottle at a night club and dance the night away!

26. Fish for a whole day in Minnesota and eat whatever you catch

27. Go cliff diving

28. Make it on TV

29. SKYDIVE! Imagine facing one of three things human beings actually fear. The fear of nightmares as you jump down thousands of feet and see the world from another perspective.

30. Find some of the hidden waterfalls of the world

31. Bury a time capsule

32. Go hunting in Australia

33. Visit a winery with the best winery accommodation in Mornington Peninsula

34. Get drunk from the winery you just visited

35. Play golf in Canada's largest field

36. Own a business and become rich

37. Play the lottery

38. Attend a music festival in Germany

39. Sculpt a mold from scratch

40. Watch an NFL game

41. Sow your own sweeter, shirt, pants, or lingerie

42. Make an invention

43. Adopt puppies

44. Volunteer to feed hungry kids in need

45. Feed the birds in Brazil

46. Write a book

47. Learn how to cook an exotic dish

48. Plan a family reunion

49. Read 100 books

50. Make everyday a celebration of life

Hope this list brought you some ideas and or some hope for your future!

Have fun!

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