50 Things I'd Rather Do Than Study For Organic Chemistry
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Student Life

50 Things I'd Rather Do Than Study For Organic Chemistry

A list of things I'd rather be doing than ochem.

50 Things I'd Rather Do Than Study For Organic Chemistry

Let's all admit that we have all thought about the things we would rather be doing than studying for organic chemistry. Here are 50 things that I would rather do than study for organic chemistry:

1. Write a 10-page paper

2. Watch "American Dad"

3. Go parasailing

4. Sleep

5. Bake cookies

6. Shave my legs

7. Fall off a mountain

8. Get a tattoo of my ex-boyfriend's name

9. Shatter my phone screen

10. Feed a giraffe

11. Fall into a gorilla exhibit

12. Get lost in the woods alone at night with a hungry bear... Or ten

13. Go shopping

14. Win the lottery

15. Volunteer at an animal shelter

16. File taxes

17. Shave off my eyebrows

18. Hang out with my friends

19. Walk home from school in the pouring rain

20. Break my leg

21. Study physics (gross, I know)

22. Take a bath

23. Watch make-up tutorials

24. Netflix and chill (with my pup, of course!)

25. Get a manicure

26. Get my hair done

27. Take selfies

28. Watch "Grey's Anatomy"

29. Clean the entire house

30. Get sunburnt

31. Workout

32. Get stuck on an upside down rollercoaster

33. Break my laptop

34. Lose my planner (aka my life)

35. Trip in front of a crowd of people

36. Read a book

37. Work out a 15-page math problem

38. Go out

39. Do yoga

40. Do laundry

41. Write a research paper

42. Organize Forever 21

43. Eat grains of sand

44. Poke my eye with my mascara wand

45. Plan my future wedding on Pinterest

46. Ride in a hot air balloon

47. Be an Uber driver on Thirsty Thursdays

48. Plant a tree and watch it grow

49. Go scuba diving with sharks

50. Stub my toe

Now back to stuDYING organic chemistry.

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