50 Things To Do When Bored

When you're bored after a long day, or maybe it is just a weekend and you have no plans, it can be easy to just be lazy. Yes, you can rest, but don't spend your whole day lounging around. Also, it has become a very unhealthy habit for people to eat, even when they're not hungry. Just out of boredom! Try some of these things instead to keep a healthy life and mind!

1. Go for a walk

Walking is a great way to clear your head AND get some exercise!

2. Read a book

Literature is always fun! Get off your phone and pickup a book before it is too late. It is so incredibly fun getting lost in your own imagination.

3. Call your parents

Your parents can probably spend hours talking to you. Give them a call, tell them you miss them!

4. Dance

Turn up the music and just dance! Relax and enjoy yourself, you deserve it!

5. Do a puzzle

6. Clean your house

It might seem like a pain, but you know it could use some cleaning!

7. Play with your pets!

If ya don't have one, then get one!

8. Go on a hike

9. Take a hot bath

10. Go to the gym

11. Write a book

12. Listen to a podcast

13. Do some homework

14. Plan out your next vacation

15. Do your laundry!

You'll thank me later

16. Write letters

Write letters and express your true feelings to people. Then throw them away!

17. Hangout with friends

Call up an old friend and hangout

18. Challenge yourself

Do some at-home workouts

19. Have a fashion show

Try on all your clothes and pretend you're on a runway

20. Paint something

21. Go volunteer

22. Write a poem

23. Learn a new language

24. Start a journal/diary

25. Plan out future baby names

26. Do a crossward puzzle

27. Play an instrument

28. Start an online blog

29. Go to the library

30. Make a time capsule

31. Go on a date

32. Plant a tree

33. Sit outside

Literally just sit outside and enjoy the weather

34. Do some arts and crafts

35. Pretend like you have your life together

36. Karaoke 

37. Do a sticky note cartoon

38. Design a comic book

39. Do some yoga

40. Plan out a crime

Figure out how you would rob a bank, even though you never would!

41. Write a list of goals

42. Clean out your fridge


44. Wash your car

45. Go for a bike ride

46. Start a coin collection

47. Go swim at a lake

48. Go fishing

49. Play a board game

50. Take care of yourself

We only have one life so let's try to make it last as long as possible!

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