If you have been anywhere near a computer in the past few weeks you have undoubtedly heard about the controversial video Logan Paul uploaded to his Youtube channel. People have been both defending and shaming him online since the incident. This means countless articles, videos, and new stories explaining what happened and blaming the platform for the incident. It's been a rocky road for Youtube in 2018 so far. They finally decided to take steps to remove Logan Paul's channel and partnership with Youtube. Logan Paul, Jake Paul, and his affiliates give a really bad name for Youtube from the outside looking in; in fact, if you didn't watch Youtube it would be easy to assume a majority of its content is ridiculous stunts for shock value. The reason being in this day and age those are the only videos blowing up on a massive scale. That's why in light of the recent fiasco I decided to list of my top 5 YouTubers that are still worth watching.

  1. SxePhil/The Philip Defranco Show: I made him first for a reason. If you watch anyone on Youtube I suggest Philly D. The Philip Defranco Show has been around since I first started watching Youtube videos in 2006. Back then his channel was called SxePhil and he made a wider variety of videos, but the basis of the content has always been one simple thing; No-nonsense bullshit free news. He was hilarious to watch rant about the comings and goings of the world, so I subscribed. I've been watching his videos ever since and they have not disappointed. His channel has evolved from Phil just talking about a few things going on in society, to actually making a channel that has reliable and relevant news stories. He is my go-to source for current events and political news that isn't going to be totally biased. If you have any interest in knowing whats going on in the world without watching some BS on CNN than I'd go watch Philip Defranco.
  2. Sam Golbach/Sam and Colby: This is a two for one deal. I originally found this channel by searching through my paranormal reddit pages. They were talking about a Youtuber who was doing rituals to try and summon demons in his house. They were scared for him and wanted fellow opinions on the situation. I was curious after reading about him summoning demons, so of course, I clicked the link. I expected either a fake edited video or a guy who was acting like an idiot and didn't know what he was doing. I grossly misjudged this. He was actually well informed of everything he was doing. It wasn't just some dumb kid, he's my age. The video wasn't fake or over exaggerated. This made me want to dig deeper into his channel. I ended up watching his videos for hours that day. I probably wouldn't give this channel so much praise if it weren't for the fact he also makes amazing videos that aren't related to the paranormal. His best friend Colby has a channel with him too. They make urban exploration videos, as well as some pretty funny pranks. I had no idea urbex had become so popular, but I was glad to find people who shared my passion for exploration (as well as the paranormal.) I'm really glad I was searching through Reddit that day because Sam's channel is by far the best one I found in 2017.
  3. Brad Mondo: As a cosmetologist, I love to watch videos made by fellow stylists. One of my favorite channels that talks hair is Brad Mondo. His camera presence is amazing! He makes me laugh my ass off every time I watch him. He makes a lot of reaction videos to hair horror stories from Youtube, and I'm telling you he describes exactly how every stylist feels when watching these videos. He is also really good at breaking down colorist terms in a way that's easy for people who don't have a beautiful background to understand; which I think makes his channel perfect for everyone.
  4. Chills: People loves top ten videos. I don't know what it is about the style of videos that people relate to so well, but they are one of the most popular styles of video being used on Youtube right now. My favorite one of these channels is about horror related videos. He makes countdown videos that are about various supernatural monsters, ghosts, and paranormal activity. I love having spooky videos to watch when I'm lying in bed at night, and this channel always has something worth watching.
  5. Stephanie Lange: I've had a passion for makeup my whole life. Anyone who knows me knows about my slight obsession with it. On Youtube, there are countless make-up artists and channels about beauty. The beauty guru's of Youtube is easy to spot, they flash their expensive make-up brands and you can never tell if they genuinely like a product or if they are being paid to say its lovely. Stephanie isn't like the other make-up artists for many reasons. She herself said she doesn't like to be called a beauty guru because of the stigma surrounding it. She is one of the most down to earth Make-up artists I've found on the platform. She is a beauty channel, but unlike most of the other beauty channels on Youtube she isn't vain, and I find that to be the sexiest thing any of my fellow makeup lovers can be.

Youtube has been around for over 10 years now. I'm happy to say I've been apart of the community for a majority of that time. I've been a content creator, as well as a fan. It's a wonderful place for people of like minds to come together and create some pretty kick-ass work. Now it's clear that some creators don't think before they post, which is going to happen on any platform. I just think that the amount of good this platform has done and can continue to do in the future is worth sticking around for. I'm happy to have been a part of the Youtube community for so long, and I hope it's around for years to come.