I've never been an extremely outgoing Christian—I mostly keep to myself when sharing beliefs and virtues. This became very evident to me when I began my college journey.

However, I do look for God each day, and each day it becomes easier to see Him. And I thank Him for showing me He is always there.

Here are 5 ways I am able to see God's work on campus:

1. Nature

Nothing is more beautiful than God's work. One day this past fall, I walked by this building on my way to class and it was impossible to ignore God's message.

God is constantly showing me He is here with me during my struggles and tough days, and this was one of those moments.

2. Student life

I attend a school of over 36,600 students. That is 36,000+ individuals with their own goals, ambitions, secrets, struggles, and joys. That is 36,000+ different DNA types. 36,000+ unique souls. And that's not even half of the world's population. Realizing this on my toughest days brings me back to reality; and although I am one out of 36,600 students, I never feel alone.

3. Animals

God works in mysterious ways. In saying that, He presents us with unique gifts every day. Have you ever seen a white coated squirrel? How about hundreds of crows flying in the sky at once? Or two beautiful swans—our campus favorites—sitting in the beautiful Lake Laverne every day?

God has blessed me by guiding me to choose Iowa State University as my home and I thank Him for the little animals He has created to put a smile on the faces of the ones He loves.

4. Sunlight

There's nothing better than sitting in sunlight while studying in the library—feeling the warmth and love of God's heart. There's nothing quite as stunning as seeing the sun rays move through the trees while walking to class.

5. Friends

I am blessed to attend school with my lifetime best friends. With the guidance of God, I chose a beautiful campus with beautiful people who I get to be with every day. I couldn't be happier.

Seeing God on a regular basis isn't hard—He is never very far. And for that, I am grateful.