Going into August has always felt like a new beginning for me, and I think it just comes down to a new school year. Each year, it seems like students and parents alike are freaking out around this time because of all of the school supplies that you still HAVE to purchase, and all of the activities that you had planned that you still haven't gotten around to. And, the summer just seems to have slipped away somehow. It's easy to feel overwhelmed around this time of year for both students and parents. Lucky for you, there's hope!

Here are some ways to keep your sanity at the beginning of a school year.

1. Get organized

Organization is a life-saver for me. It's not always easy because we all have things going on, places to be, people to meet with, etc. But, in the last couple of years, I have really tried to make organization something that I work on daily. Investing in a planner is a great idea. It allows you to keep track of everything that you have going on which gives you a sense of having everything together. And, who can say no to all of those cute stickers that you can put inside of them?! Making a list of the things that you still need to purchase/do before the school year begins is also a good idea. By doing this, you can go down the list, and mark things off one-by-one.

2. Prioritize

Prioritizing is difficult sometimes. If you're anything like me, you usually feel like everything is of the utmost importance. The truth is, some things can be held off, and others need more immediate attention. Figuring out what you need to get done now, opposed to later is going to save you a headache in the future. I promise. I usually prioritize by making a list in the order that I want to get things done in. You could also prioritize by doing whatever is bothering you the most on the list when you wake up that morning. That way, you can feel accomplished at the end of every day!

3. Set a few goals for the new school year

Goal-making is a fantastic way to hold yourself accountable. I usually set my major goals twice a year; August and January. Like I mentioned before, August has always felt like a new beginning as it is the start of a new school year. What better way to mark a beginning than to make a few goals to work towards? The goals you make could be minor or major. It may even be good for you to set three small, and three big goals. Whichever way you decide to go about the goal-making, it will make you feel like you have something that you're working towards at the start of the year. This should definitely make you feel a little bit better.

4. Declutter

Oh, clutter. Everyone's worst enemy. Clutter is inevitable, and when you're busy during the summertime, it's very easy to get way behind on cleaning/decluttering. The perfect time to declutter your whole house or even just one room, is now! No one wants to feel like every area of their house is a mess. Even if you start the decluttering process in August, it's a start. Doing it now is best because you can then start the school year fresh.

5. Self-Care

I preach this all the time, but I'm serious. Self-care is extremely important. Taking care of yourself is extremely important. And, you should never feel bad about it! Think of all of the work that you do year-round. Wouldn't you feel a little bit better if you took even 10 minutes out of the day to relax or do something to get your mind off of your responsibilities? I know that I do. I challenge you to practice some sort of self-care once a day. You will see how much your attitude and the way that you feel about yourself changes. At the beginning of a school year, this is more important than ever.

So, get ready for the new school year. It's going to be the best one yet!