5 Ways You Can Prepare For The 2020 Presidential Election

5 Ways You Can Prepare For The 2020 Presidential Election

Voting can be scary and confusing, but don't worry I'm here to help!


The 2020 presidential election is right around the corner and many people are plagued with mass confusion regarding how they'll choose who will serve as our next commander in chief. With these 5 helpful tips, I can guarantee anyone and everyone will be a champion at the voting booths.

1. Research!

Do extensive research over each candidate in the race! Find out what they believe in, what they plan to do if they become president and anything else that might strike your fancy. Completing research is the only way you'll find out if a politician aligns with your own personal beliefs or not!

2. Be Open-Minded

Just because you're a self-declared Democrat doesn't mean you can't support a Republican candidate and likewise for voters who identify as Republican. Choosing the best candidate doesn't always have to be based on political parties- simply choose who you believe will bring out the best in the United States and in the world around us.

3. Be Respectful

Presidential elections always polarize the country to an exponential level and are often the reason many relationships are hurt and/or severed. Understand that each voter has their own opinions on who is fit to run the country versus who isn't and understand that no matter how much you disagree with them, they aren't wrong. In essence don't tear down other voters for not choosing the same candidate as you, suck it up and move on!

4. Watch The News

Like staying informed on the candidates themselves, it is just as important to stay informed on current events and pay attention to how and when politicians respond to them? Do they enact change? Do they bring a call to action? Their responses are a great insight into how they'll likely respond if they get elected into office and could very well make or break their election! Just remember that when you watch the news, it is always important to use different sites as some broadcast in a manner that fulfills a bias for a certain political party and/or candidate

5. Register To Vote

Last but certainly not least (rather it is likely the most important tip), register to vote! The only way you can cast a ballot is if you register to vote in your county! Registering to vote is easy as 1,2,3 and opens up a lifetime of opportunity! If you would like to register to vote please click on the following link: https://vote.gov/

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