5 ways your life changes with a cat

5 ways your life changes with a cat

Going from a family without at cat to a home that is dominated by a cat is a big change, but every moment is worth it.

"In ancient times cats were worshiped as Gods; they have not forgotten this" Terry Pratchett

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You never want to go out anymore

When we first got out lovely kitten (Lulu) I spent about a week underneath my bed. I pulled all my pillows down and blankets and slept with her underneath the bed so she wouldn't be all alone. I took naps, slept full nights on the floor just to spend time with my small fur baby. Their care and making sure they know they are loved becomes your number one priority.

Nights out? not anymore i'm chillin' with my cat

The financial switch

I once was an avid coffee house goer and all of a sudden, when we got the cat, my money went from coffee to treats, snacks, toys and laser pointers. Do i regret this switch? no. Do i trip over small toys and scratching posts? yes.

I want this two pound little ball of fur to have everything in the world, and slowly but surely I will gather them for her.

Not only does my cat own me, but she also owns my money.

Lint rollers everywhere

There is a lint roller: in my car, in my locker at work, in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, next to my bed. Anywhere i am there will be a lint roller, but this will never be enough for me not to be covered in some grey and white hairs. I have no shame about the cat hair either... which is sad because i'll pull one off of a black shirt while i'm working and be like 'wow i really miss my cat" and cancel the plans i made after work to go play with her.

You no longer have any alone time

All cat owners can relate to the fact that there are always tiny eyes judging you all the time. Night time, bathroom visits, cooking, working, all the time. You are never truly alone.

All you talk about is your cat

Because you no longer go out, and you no longer care about anything not cat related all you talk about is your cat. What they did that was funny, their diet, how cute they are. There is nothing wrong about talking only about your cat, but other people may start to label you as the cat person and look at you funny.

Entering the world of being a pet owner is a huge switch, and its not always easy but it is always worth it. Everything changes in your life, but for the better.

If you are interested in adopting a cat (or dog) (or other critters) please please please check out your local shelters there are so many loving, faithful, animals who just want to be loved.

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