At the beginning of each new year, thousands if not millions of people create certain goals or achievements to reach towards in the new year.

Some of these goals include losing weight, being more positive, or changing the way they look at and deal with relationships. However, a month, maybe 2 or 3, into the year, many people tend to stray from their resolutions and can't keep up with what goals they set for themselves.

I know myself like many others need accountability or another way to keep themselves in the right direction to meet these goals. Below are a couple ways to help keep yourself, and maybe those around you to stay on the right path and in the right direction to meeting all of your goals for this year.

1. Have an accountability partner or source.

I find that this of many of ways to keep you straight and is one of the most effective ways to keep up with someone that is struggling. In this case, you have someone that is with you every step of the way to keep you on track for whatever your goal may be.

For instance, if you're trying to lose weight this person might encourage you to eat an apple instead of a candy bar. If you can't find someone who is trustworthy enough to be there then you can do this with your phone. Set notifications and reminders for yourself for whatever your goal might be, or even write it down and read it every morning/night.

2. Keep physical track.

As stated previously, a good way to keep yourself on track is to write down goals and your process on them. Maybe your goal is to hang out with friends more, in that case, write down each time you plan to meet and maybe even try to take a couple pictures to remind yourself at a later date of how much fun was had.

3. Make reachable and realistic goals.

A big problem that many have with meeting their goals, is the simplicity of them is actually unreachable, or too far-fetched.

The issue with this is that the goal might be so far out that the person can't ever see themselves actually completing it, therefore they just give up a couple weeks or months into their year.

It is okay for someone to slightly adjust their resolution a little into the year if they simply don't think it is reachable by the end of the year. Therefore, you're still completing a resolution even if it is a step down from the original.

4. Don't under-create goals.

Just as it is easy to create unreachable goals, it is easy to create goals that are too simple and are not a change from your normal routine, or everyday life.

Although no goal can be too small, there are some that are just irrelevant and not a probable goal for some people. For example, if you're someone who already goes to the gym 5 days a week, and your goal is to go 5 days a week, there is no change from your normal routine.

However, just adding one more day to your goal is a change, and could be a good goal.

5. Be passionate about your resolutions.

When creating a goal or resolution, you want to make sure that you are somewhat if not very passionate about what you are trying to achieve.

If someone is not passionate about what they want to do then it would more than likely end uncompleted. Therefore, when making a goal and wanting to stay on track, make sure you are passionate and actually want to complete this resolution.