5 Ways To Capitalize On Spring In Eugene, Oregon
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5 Ways To Capitalize On Spring In Eugene, Oregon

With the warm temperatures, clear skies and sunshine, take advantage of the weather while it lasts.

5 Ways To Capitalize On Spring In Eugene, Oregon

Signs of Spring are finally starting to hit Eugene. The temperatures are getting warmer, the skies are clear, and flowers are blooming, even if they started blooming in February. Of course, Eugene is rarely like this, so it's important to take advantage of the weather and do things you aren't normally able to do in the Fall or Winter.

During Spring, you truly see Eugene's culture blossom with everyone going outside and enjoying the nice weather.

1. Get outside

When the sun comes out in Eugene, it's very common to see significantly more people outside than usual. Whether it is people walking their dogs, running, or relaxing on the grass, the communal atmosphere of Eugene truly explodes.

One of my personal favorite activities in the Spring (and Summer) is going to the Eugene Saturday Market where there are tons of local vendors and artists gathered together to showcase their products. There's tons of great food, music, and local goods for sale. If there's one thing you should take advantage of during Spring time in Eugene, it should definitely be going to the Saturday Market.

2. Explore

Normally during the Fall or Winter, Eugene can be a very cold and unpleasant place to explore. That's why it's important to explore Eugene and all of its amenities while the weather's warm and the sun's out in the Spring. You can explore downtown, walk the river trail, or even find fun new trails to hike. Whatever it may be, make use of the weather as best you can by exploring Eugene.

3. Wear shorts and short sleeves

Personally, this is something that I've always noticed living throughout the year in Eugene. You're never able to wear short sleeves unless you get lucky with the weather barely being nice enough for a couple days of the year outside of Spring and Summer.

Some may appreciate it more than others, but I am definitely looking forward to wearing short sleeves most of the time during Spring and Summer, and I hope you are too.

4. Go swimming

Unless you're at an indoor pool, you really can't swim comfortably in Eugene unless it's warm enough outside. Even trying to swim in the pool in your apartment complex during early Fall isn't comfortable. With the weather warming up and the sun coming out, definitely take advantage of swimming and the pools at your apartments.

You can also throw fun pool parties and barbecues outside at the pools or down at the river. So enjoy the water while weather allows it!

5. Party outside

Eugene is a college town where partying is very apparent without a doubt. But during the Spring, partiers are in full swing having barbecue's, backyard parties and even pool parties. There are definitely more options for the types of parties you can attend in Spring versus Winter. So if anything, take advantage of this weather and have a fun party/gathering with all your friends outside!

But, always remember to be responsible when it comes to drinking, especially when you're outside and the sun is dehydrating you faster than usual. Partying can be fun, but not when you seriously hurt yourself or put your health at risk. All-in-all, It's a lot better to enjoy the nice weather when you're outside as opposed to a hospital bed. So have fun and be careful.

There are many things you can do during Spring in Eugene that you're not able to do the rest of the year. It's important that you take advantage of the awesome weather Spring brings and make some fun memories and experiences out of it. Eugene and its culture come alive during Spring, so I think it's important to live it up and enjoy it while it lasts!

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