5 Ways To Enjoy Halloween As An Adult.

5 Ways To Enjoy Halloween As An Adult.

Ahhh.. Halloween in here. Even though as adults, it is not socially acceptable to trick or treat anymore, here are five ways to enjoy the festivities Halloween as an adult.


As the years progress, it is fun to look back at all the fun that I have had on Halloween as a kid. The excitement of picking out what costume you are going to be. The halloween parades at school. Then, the fun of trick or treating with your friend after school until late into the night. And personally, my favorite as a kid, all the candy you were allowed to eat, until the sugar crash thet came shortly after. As we get older, it seems that all of these events as a child diminish. But as adults, there are also so many fun ways to be able to celebrate this holiday.

1. Decorate your room. 

Even though it may seem childish, the idea of decorating the space that you live in is a special thing. It reminds you of all of the spirit behind Halloween. Personally, as a child, decorating for Halloween was a whole day ordeal in my house. Therefore, make sure to keep this tradition alive as you get older as well. Wherever you live now, make sure to either ask your parents to bring up some decorations from home, or purchase decorations. Personally, my favorite are the little pumpkins and witches you can find in the stores.

2. Go to a Halloween party. 

Where there may no longer be trick or treating available as adults, other options come up instead. Instead of dressing up for candy, you can dress up for parties. When I say party, where it can mean the typical parties that are seen in college, they can also be smaller parties, where you simply just see your friends. Whoever you spend time with on Halloween, make sure that you are having fun, that is what was meant to happen on the holiday.

3. Watch Halloween movies. 

One of my favorite parts about this holiday are the movies that arise during this season. Where these movies can be watched any time of the year, being able to watch them around Halloween time is when they were meant to be enjoyed. As adults, we are now able to also enjoy the horror movies such as "Halloween", or "The Purge". It is also fun to enjoy some other classic Halloween movies that we enjoyed as kids, such as "Halloween-town", "Hocus Pocus", or "Twitches".

4.Enjoy Halloween related festivities. 

Even when you are older, the events that come around Halloween time are fun to enjoy. This includes pumpkin carving, and Haunted houses. Now that you are older, you can put more designs into your jack-o-lanterns than you have in the past. Haunted houses as a child have always seemed extremely intimidating. Yet, as an adult, haunted houses can be a fun activity to go through with friends.

5. Buy candy in bulk. 

Just because trick or treating ends as an adult, doesn't mean you can't enjoy candy. It is a known fact that the stores are covered with huge bags of candy around Halloween time. Take advantage of these sales and give yourself an excuse to splurge on all your favorite candies that you enjoyed on this day as a kid. Or even better, if any of your siblings have children, take them trick or treating and if they are too young, enjoy their candy. However you get it, make sure to treat yourself to some candy this Halloween season.

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