5 New Year Resolutions That Will Make You Rethink Your Own

5 New Year Resolutions That Will Make You Rethink Your Own

Who doesn't want to start out with a clean slate?

Most New Year's traditions are believed to ensure good luck for the coming year.

But, does that mean we've all been behaving like we should have to receive good karma and good luck for the upcoming year?

Here's not two, but five New Year resolutions that will make you want to redesign your life for the next year, or embrace it to the max level of the life you can live:

1. Forgive Yourself

Not to the point of self-pity, but for the purpose of the faith you have in yourself. We are all human, all built different, and have a mind of our own. Forgive yourself for your own faults, take responsibility for your mistakes and believe in yourself for the next brilliant step you're about to take for the New Year.

2. Design The Person You Are At Heart

Every year we are evolving as human beings. We turn the fun 21 or we look forward to hitting our mid-life crisis, getting the dream job, falling in love many times, setting incredible goals, making six figures, happy wife and happy life...or so they say.

Truth is, we are getting older every day, and every year. So why not make a New Year resolution and be 100% the person you are? Accept your emotions, your surface look, certain flaws that you see but no one else does. Rock the age you are right now because you can't go back. Realize and accept you only get this beautiful life to express the person you were born to be.

3. Maintain Sustainability In Your Life

It's important to recognize the route you're taking in your life, whether it's for your own goals or your own pleasure of leading a life that you've always wanted. Maintaining sustainability in your life can be always beneficial. For the sake of you waking up every day, and focusing on what you need to get done vs. what you want to do. Your mindset reflects who you are on the outside since we can't see inside ourselves as others can.

Eating locally can help with the environment and your own health/diet changes in your life! Cleaning up the beaches whenever you decide to take a trip out to a local park or beach to relax, you see some trash, so why not pick it up? It's good karma you're bringing to the universe if you believe in "Karma" and also, it's giving back to your local community that you grow with. Selling and donating items you have around your house, turn them into bigger, better and faster products for consumers to use! Or even wrap it as a gift, handmade and give to a neighbor or dear friend.

Life is ALL about maintaining and managing sustainability in your life, but we all forget sometimes. So here's a refresher for the New Year!

4. Learn Some Patience

They say patience is the key to all forms of success, yet why do we seem to struggle on a daily with making it part of who we are? Some people are born with great patience, and some can't wait at all- rather throw a fit in public and react inhumanely. Patience can come with time, and self-love and believing in yourself but a great tip I've learned growing up dealing with trauma, issues, the drama from friends, life crisis, breakdowns.

Put yourself in someone else's shoes, don't feel like a therapist, and don't feel like you HAVE to find a reason. Not everything in life can be solved, and if you're okay with that and can acknowledge it. You just gained patience, realizing it's a beautiful thing and gift to obtain forever. So master your craft of patience, however, and whichever way. There IS a way.

5. Speaking Positive Affirmations To Anyone

Instant gratification, can be a blessing to most. Wouldn't you love, or at least be mind blown about shopping for your groceries and someone complimented you, or smiled at you, or helped you carry that 24 pack of water bottles we all hate carrying? It takes a second but lasts a lifetime knowing you made someone smile. Which makes you smile, knowing even though you're not a millionaire with money to help and save the world. There is the beauty of positive gestures and affirmations, to impact any human in a positive and friendly manner.

Don't focus on ONE thing when you have an enormous amount of opportunity right in front of your eyes. Stay positive, speak positive, and love yourself.

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An Open Letter To Every Athlete On Their Senior Night

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"

Dear Seniors,

For many of you, today was a day that you had always wished would come sooner, only to find that when the day arrived wishing for it to come was the last thing you truly ever wanted.

When stepping out onto the court or field or rink for the very last time today, take a moment to stand quietly and look out into the crowd, look to your teammates, to your coaches, and to your fellow seniors, and remember the way this made you feel, as this is a feeling you will remember for the rest of your life.

Today and every day moving forward will be filled with memories that will last you a lifetime.

Today is a day bound to be filled with endless amounts of tears, both happy and sad, so let it be. Let these feelings consume you, and serve as a reminder that no matter where you may go in life from this very moment, that you have made a family of your own. That you have changed the lives of others by just simply being in theirs.

That all the little things were really the big things, like the nicknames you had for your teammates, or your favorite song to sing in the locker room before a game. These things that never seemed to mean anything at the time are all the things that you will carry with you when you leave this place you call your home away from home.

On this day, years from now you will not remember the wins and losses of each season, but the people that took this journey with you and never let you look back.

The teammates that picked you up and carried you through the good and the bad of each day. The ones that taught you to see the good in all things. The ones who never let you live down the stupid things you did, mainly because they did them with you. And even the ones that you couldn't stand 99.9% percent of the time.

You will remember the coaches that pushed you and never let you give up.

You will remember all the times they yelled and made you run until you couldn't walk. The times that they depended on you to be the leaders we all knew you could be. But more than any of that, you will remember the opportunity they gave you to play the game you learned to love, the game that changed your life, the game that taught you more lessons about life, love and dedication than anything ever could.

On this day I ask you to remember a few things. I ask that you remember that the impact you have had on your teammates' lives is unmeasurable, never doubt that. The time you have spent dedicated to this sport that you love was never, EVER a waste of your time, because you are a better person because of it.

I ask you to remember that although the sadness you may hold in your heart overwhelms you, that you have found a part of you along this journey that will help you follow your dreams, whatever they may be.

Play your heart out today, and leave knowing you've given it all you've got just one last time. Leave knowing that you are one of the lucky ones. Remember the love, remember the defeat, remember the laughs and the tears, remember the battle wounds. Remember this feeling, always and forever.

Best of Luck,

Your Biggest Fan

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5 Awesome Ways To Use And Decorate With Dried Flowers

Dry flowers are as good as live ones too!


Flowers are lovely no matter fresh or even they get dried. It might be is your workspace, dorm room, study table the flowers have a fantastic positive effect and lifts the mood instantly. Beautiful flowers are always like a breath of fresh air. But, you can do wonders with dry flowers and they give out vibes as appealing as fresh flowers. You might receive flowers on special occasions, from friends and family, time you meet your loved ones, when you go on date or you just happen to get a bunch of flowers for yourself. Save them and wait until they are dry and you present yourself with lots of appealing benefits with those dry flowers. It's so much fun to try them yourself.

1.As a Potpourri


Don't worry with what to do of a lovely bouquet of most beautiful flowers. Wait till they are dry. Save them and collect them. You can place them by window sill which gets sunlight for them to get dried soon or you can tie the flowers you have with a thread and hang them upside down, wait till they dry completely. Collect the petals, put them in a glass bowl, add few drop of your favorite essential oils and voila! You have a wonderful potpourri. You can add colored marble stones and some trinkets for décor, add in few spices and herbs like, basil, few clove buds, lavender, rosemary, vanilla pods, cinnamon sticks, star anise, nutmeg, whole dried roses or their petals to them. The result would be an amazing visually appealing and fragrant potpourri. You can put them in a breathable little bags or satchels, close them and place the potpourri between your clothes, in wardrobes, bathrooms, at your vanity table, study table for a nice mood lifting.

2.Pressed Flowers


They can be wonderful and creative hobby as well as give way to good gifting ideas too. Place the flowers in between pages of a book or notebook, close them and place a heavyweight and wait for some days. Finally, you have a nicely pressed flowers. You can use the pressed flowers and tie it together with a thread and stick them in a paper, frame them and give to your near and dear ones as a personal touch of gifting. Add some favorite words along in the paper if you wish. You can stack little dried flowers and arrange them in beautiful ways, to get a nice pressed flower art, can frame them finally too. You can press them within your journals too and leave as such, as bookmarks, stick into greeting cards. Lot can be done with pressed flowers.



Collect the dried flowers and add some small marbles to them to make them visually appealing. If you have glass table and some provision to fill them, then do try to add this dried flowers and marbles so that you can have fun working with your table. You can simply place the colorful dried petals and some trinkets in a glass bottle and keep them as decor showpiece, throw in some lively fresh beautiful flowers too. You can even decorate a bulb with dried flowers. Imagination is the limit.

4.Gift Wrap


You can get a vintage retro kind of feeling with dried flowers. Wrap the gifts with a brown sheet of paper, tie a bow with a white thread, stick them with whole dried flower with stem and finally, you get a retro vintage touch to your gifts. Dried flowers and brown sheets make a classic feel all the way. If you don't like to wrap, then put your gift in a paper bag, add a spoonful amount of dried flower or petals, add a drop or two of you favorite essential oil for a nice kick. They will be surprised. If you like to have a personal touch, preserve the flowers and bouquets you get from your loved ones, the ones that remind you of your special days dry them and frame them. Save them and dry them, you can frame flowers separately so you and your loved one both could have a memory of it.

5. Go A Step Ahead

There are beautiful flowers that serve well not only out but also for your skin too. If you happen to get your hands on flowers and herbs like roses, lavender, rosemary, iris, jasmine, collect them and dry them. Grind it into a fine powder; add in essential oil, you get a rich face mask powder. It might take some time, since you need to get at least a handful of powder, but it's a good try. You can keep collecting roses and lavender as they are often seen in gifting flowers and bouquets.

We love beautiful flowers and enjoy their presence near us. Why not the same even when they get dry and shine less. These ideas will add a life to them and lets you have fun spending your time. Gifting and décor ideas will definitely add a personal touch. Try and have fun!

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