5 New Year Resolutions That Will Make You Rethink Your Own

5 New Year Resolutions That Will Make You Rethink Your Own

Who doesn't want to start out with a clean slate?

Most New Year's traditions are believed to ensure good luck for the coming year.

But, does that mean we've all been behaving like we should have to receive good karma and good luck for the upcoming year?

Here's not two, but five New Year resolutions that will make you want to redesign your life for the next year, or embrace it to the max level of the life you can live:

1. Forgive Yourself

Not to the point of self-pity, but for the purpose of the faith you have in yourself. We are all human, all built different, and have a mind of our own. Forgive yourself for your own faults, take responsibility for your mistakes and believe in yourself for the next brilliant step you're about to take for the New Year.

2. Design The Person You Are At Heart

Every year we are evolving as human beings. We turn the fun 21 or we look forward to hitting our mid-life crisis, getting the dream job, falling in love many times, setting incredible goals, making six figures, happy wife and happy life...or so they say.

Truth is, we are getting older every day, and every year. So why not make a New Year resolution and be 100% the person you are? Accept your emotions, your surface look, certain flaws that you see but no one else does. Rock the age you are right now because you can't go back. Realize and accept you only get this beautiful life to express the person you were born to be.

3. Maintain Sustainability In Your Life

It's important to recognize the route you're taking in your life, whether it's for your own goals or your own pleasure of leading a life that you've always wanted. Maintaining sustainability in your life can be always beneficial. For the sake of you waking up every day, and focusing on what you need to get done vs. what you want to do. Your mindset reflects who you are on the outside since we can't see inside ourselves as others can.

Eating locally can help with the environment and your own health/diet changes in your life! Cleaning up the beaches whenever you decide to take a trip out to a local park or beach to relax, you see some trash, so why not pick it up? It's good karma you're bringing to the universe if you believe in "Karma" and also, it's giving back to your local community that you grow with. Selling and donating items you have around your house, turn them into bigger, better and faster products for consumers to use! Or even wrap it as a gift, handmade and give to a neighbor or dear friend.

Life is ALL about maintaining and managing sustainability in your life, but we all forget sometimes. So here's a refresher for the New Year!

4. Learn Some Patience

They say patience is the key to all forms of success, yet why do we seem to struggle on a daily with making it part of who we are? Some people are born with great patience, and some can't wait at all- rather throw a fit in public and react inhumanely. Patience can come with time, and self-love and believing in yourself but a great tip I've learned growing up dealing with trauma, issues, the drama from friends, life crisis, breakdowns.

Put yourself in someone else's shoes, don't feel like a therapist, and don't feel like you HAVE to find a reason. Not everything in life can be solved, and if you're okay with that and can acknowledge it. You just gained patience, realizing it's a beautiful thing and gift to obtain forever. So master your craft of patience, however, and whichever way. There IS a way.

5. Speaking Positive Affirmations To Anyone

Instant gratification, can be a blessing to most. Wouldn't you love, or at least be mind blown about shopping for your groceries and someone complimented you, or smiled at you, or helped you carry that 24 pack of water bottles we all hate carrying? It takes a second but lasts a lifetime knowing you made someone smile. Which makes you smile, knowing even though you're not a millionaire with money to help and save the world. There is the beauty of positive gestures and affirmations, to impact any human in a positive and friendly manner.

Don't focus on ONE thing when you have an enormous amount of opportunity right in front of your eyes. Stay positive, speak positive, and love yourself.

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Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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Summer Adventures

Warmer weather calls for summertime adventures with friends.

The countdown to summer begins as everyone looks forward to the warmer weather and longer days of sunlight. Days of getting to sleep in until noon and then staying out late.

There is nothing like getting to sleep in until noon, and then staying out late because it's summer! Summer is filled with many memories and adventures, because it is a time to relax and have fun. You feel the happiest during the summer, when your getting a nice tan and spending almost every day and every second with your friends.

Summer is also the time for adventures. My friends and I always make a list of the places we want to go, as well as a list of things we want to see before the end of the summer.

The best days are when you can drive with all the windows down, your hair is blowing in the wind, and you have the music jamming. Nothing like having a little jam session with your friends while cruising down the highway. We all have that one friend who rolls down the windows and blasts the music whenever they're driving.

"Weird New Jersey" is a list of places located throughout New Jersey and the stories behind each of them. During the summer, I go looking for these places with my sister, my best friend, my best friend's mom, and my best friend's sister. Clinton Road is one of these places, and the story is if you travel along it at night, a black truck will appear and follow you.

We Jersey people also like to take trips to the Jersey Shore. The beach is one of the best places to go, and I could sit there for days just soaking in the sun and listening to the waves crashing onto the shore. The beach is a relaxing place to go, where you can spend time with family and friends. Not only can you go to the beach, but you can also go to the boardwalk and get some of the best food and ice cream around.

Another thing my friends and I like to do is go adventuring on my one friend’s boat. We like to cruise all along the lake and take in the scenery. Sometimes we like to park the boat and go swimming, or just float around and soak in the sun.

Many people like to adventure to an exotic location for a week or two, where they spend their time getting to know the area and local culture. I usually adventure to Florida, whether it be to the beach or to Disney. While we're in Florida for a week or so, my family and I get to explore the area, shop, and relax by the ocean or a pool.

Finally, hiking is another great way to go on an adventure. In New Jersey (specifically Sussex County), there are several places to go hiking. Most of these places have beautiful scenery and are incredibly peaceful. Last summer, I went hiking at Adams Creek, which has a waterfall that is astonishing to see in person.

Cover Image Credit: Kristen Rafferty

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