5 Things You Know To Be True When You Are The Single Friend

We are all strong, independent women but sometimes being the only strong, independent women that is single can just get old quickly. Here are just 5 things that the single community struggles with on the daily when all their friends have lovers.

1. You are a professional third wheeler

Just because your friend and their significant other say they won’t make you feel left out when you join their duo, the third wheel feeling will always be there. You’re used to it by now but that doesn’t mean you feel uncomfortable when they start getting all lovey-dovey on their side of the booth or on the sofa across the room.

2. Your friends think they are your personal match makers

Going on blind dates with “the perfect guy” because your friends know what’s best for you. I am not one to be offended by my friends trying to set me up with a guy but come on… where did you find this guy? If you are like me, you are not a judgmental person and will most likely give the guy a chance but if he starts to sniff his armpits when he sits across the table from me or mentions sex in the first 5 minutes of the conversations, I am going to start assuming he is not the guy for me. Thanks for the help but next time don’t suggest I date your boyfriend’s coworker or your mailman.

3. Going out with a “group” is just a nice way of saying you can tag along

You show up to group dinners and get-togethers to find out that you are the only one there without a boyfriend/girlfriend. Of course you are happy to be surrounded by your friends but they are all preoccupied by their lovers while you play candy crush on your cell phone or stress eat French fries because no one is engaging in conversation with you.

4. Suddenly you just can’t relate

Your advice is irrelevant and what you have to say is basically nothing just because you aren’t in a relationship. When your BFF is having boy issues and needs some words of wisdom, you are offended that you are no longer their go to girl. They just don’t understand that you can relate even though you don’t have boy problems of your own.

5. You have to pretend being single doesn't bother you

Whenever some asks the infamous question, “Are you dating?” you have to play it off, like saying “I’m single” doesn’t hurt one bit. Not that you cannot be independent and not that you need someone to make you happy but it’s every time you say those words that you are reminded that they have someone and you don’t. IT'S OKAY! Brush it off and go enjoy the time you have to love yourself!

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