5 things To Do While Being Snowed In
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5 things To Do While Being Snowed In

Who says a snow day has to be boring?

5 things To Do While Being Snowed In

There's no doubt that everyone gets excited when there is a school cancellation due to snow. With this newfound free time, people start to brainstorm ideas of what you could do for the day. Here are five ideas of how to spend your day off.

1. Go outside and enjoy the snow!

Usually, we hate the snow because it comes along with some freezing temperatures but the snow can actually be pretty awesome. Some of my best memories growing up were rushing to find my snow pants so I could go sledding with my neighbors. Also, who doesn't love building a snowman? Channel your inner Elsa and get to it!

2. Catch up on your sleep

This may not be the most exciting option, but sometimes it's necessary. Maybe it's been one of those weeks where falling asleep has been impossible or you've had a lot happening which has caused you to miss out on sleep. Take advantage of the time and catch up!

3. Have a movie marathon

This is a good time to try and watch all of the Harry Potter movies in one day, right? Spend some time with your family or even yourself and pick your favorite movie or Netflix show. Go and make some hot chocolate and grab the warmest blanket you have! It's movie time!

4. Bake some cookies

Go through your cabinets and use the cookie mix you never used for the cookie exchange you had earlier in the month! Feel free to share them with your classmates or co-workers the next day (or eat them all yourself). One piece of advice, don't eat too much of the raw cookie dough. The next day won't be fun, trust me.

5. Do the cleaning you've been pushing off for months

Is this fun? No, not at all, but you're stuck in the house so you might as well get it done. I recommend going through your closet and getting rid of the clothes you don't need anymore. You'll be amazed at how many clothes you want to get rid of. The best part about it is that now you have an excuse to go shopping!

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