As I turn a year older, I realize just how quickly life can go by. I discovered how some things that seemed like the end of the world at the time actually turn out to be okay. I hope that each year I accomplish something meaningful whether it is learning a new hobby or going to a new place. Here are just some of things I want to accomplish before I turn 20. I want to be able to live life to the fullest.

1. Learn how to cook

Eating healthy in college is super important. Gaining the freshman fifteen is a reality and it happens much easier and quicker than you can imagine. However, finding healthy options may not be the easiest. Often times, the dining halls at many universities simply serve fast food like hamburgers and french fries. Growing up, my parents always tried teaching me how to cook. However, I did not realize the importance until I came to college. This summer, I am determined to learn how to cook healthier meals so I do not have to rely on late night snacks or carb-loaded dining hall meals.

2. Learn how to be a food enthusiasts and try different cuisines

Before coming to college, I did not realize just how sheltered my life was. I did not grow up in the most diverse hometown. As a result, I was not as exposed to different cultures and various cuisines. Most of the time when I go out to eat with my friends in college, they have to order for me because I haven’t been exposed that type of food before and do not know what to order. I am super thankful that my friends have such good taste in food that I have fallen in love with every dish they have recommended. I hope that by becoming a food enthusiast, I can learn more about the diversity of cuisines

3. Travel to more places

When I came to college, I overcame my fear of flying. I became quite used to the four-hour-long flight from Phoenix to Atlanta that airsickness no longer was a problem. Due to this, I became more excited about traveling to exotic and exciting places. Just in 2017 alone, I was able to travel to Italy, Maui, LA, and New Orleans. I hope that in 2018 I can explore more places. Some places on my bucket list include Florida, Mexico, Spain, Greece, and France.

4. Improve my Chinese

Since I was born and raised in America, my Chinese is not as good as my English. While my parents have attempted to teach me Chinese several times during my childhood, only bits and pieces have stuck. I am able to understand enough Chinese that I can make my way around in China without being lost and give basic instructions. I can sometimes even understand the conversations between international Chinese students. I hope that I can either take a Chinese class at Emory or learn more on my own. I discovered that Chinese is so vital in so many job industries from healthcare to business.

5. Go on more road trips with friends

I am so lucky that Arizona has so many beautiful road trip destinations such as Sedona and Payson. There is nothing more fun than jamming out to top hit songs with my friends as we explore some of the underappreciated parts of this desert state. I hope that this year I can finally see the amazing Havasu Falls, located next to the Grand Canyon.